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How Close is JYP to the Wonder Girls?

Park JinYoung expresses his honest feelings about Wonder Girls and the girls reveal their ideal types.

It looks like the finale of Mnet Made in Wonder Girls has left a lot to talk about. We recently wrote about Wonder Girls’ honest messages to each other and now Yubin’s, YeEun’s, Sohee’s and Hyerim’s ideal types are revealed in a nice family dinner with their loved JYP PD-nim.

Before the end of their American tour, the girls made a quick return to New York where they were filmed having dinner with JYP. Once the subject about ideal types came to the table it seems there was no holding back as each girl, including JYP, joked around revealing each other’s ideal type.

The girls revealed about Yubin, “If she doesn’t become absent-minded after looking at him, she won’t date any guy. We think she’s going to meet someone that is considerate with a strong charm, like her dad.”

After revealing Yubin’s ideal type, the next victim became YeEun with JYP saying, “I think she is going to get married when she thinks the time is right, because she doesn’t have much of a fantasy when it comes to romance.

YeEun quickly responded, “Rather than romance, I have a fantasy on a happily married life”, while JYP stated that her concept of love was “safety”.

But after seeing how well he knew YeEun’s ideal type, JYP realized he didn’t know how could Sohee’s other half be so the Wonder Girls came to the rescue.

YeEun revealed, “Sohee’s ideal type is a guy that is fun and bright. But also looks after her warmly”, with the other members adding, “Sohee’s ideal type is the opposite of Hyerim’s. Hyerim’s ideal type can dress badly, but look good. Where Sohee’s ideal type doesn’t have to look that great, but must be stylish.

Analyzing the matter further, JYP commented, “Sohee needs two things, but both things are very different. One is very sensible, while the other is very warm”, and then YeEun revealed who would be the perfect man for Sohee when she said, “I think Sohee is going to meet a comedian. I think someone like Yoo SaeYoon, who is witty but also has an edge,” which made everyone, including Sohee, laugh.
After the ideal types’ talk was over, the dinner ended with a touching moment as JYP opened up his heart and revealed, “When I come to the States, Wonder Girls members are my only friends. Because of that, I think we gained a relationship other than that of colleagues.
Through this family like dinner the audience was able to see the close relationship between the girls and their producer, adding another special moment to the finale of Mnet Made in Wonder Girls.

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