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Tony An confesses: I thought H.O.T was doomed

Source: (Translated by me. I hope I can be trusted.)

토니안 "솔직히 HOT 망할 줄 알았다" 고백
Tony An confesses: I thought H.O.T was doomed
[아시아경제] 2010년 10월 07일(목) 오전 00:09
[Asia Economist] October 7th, 2010 (Thur) 00:09AM

[스포츠투데이 이종길 기자]원조 아이돌 HOT 멤버 토니안이 MBC 예능프로그램 '황금어장-무릎팍도사'에서 HOT 결성 초기 시절을 세세하게 떠올렸다.

[Sports Today Reporter Jong-Gil Yi] Original HOT idol member Tony An recalled the creation stages of HOT on the MBC entertainment show "Golden Fishery - Knee Smack Guru".

토니안은 6일 오후 방송된 '무릎팍도사'에 출연해 HOT 결성 시절을 떠올리며 “다섯 명 모두 서로를 보며 망할 줄 알았다”고 털어놓았다.
Tony An confessed that "[he] knew that by looking at the five members look at each other that they were doomed" while he reminisced about the creation stages of HOT on the "Knee Smack Guru" show.

그 는 “모두 빈티가 줄줄 흘렀다”며 “당초 ‘오늘도 짜증나는 날이네’라는 곡이 타이틀곡이었는데 노래 제목처럼 정말 하루하루가 짜증났다”고 밝혔다. 이어 “‘라면 먹고 잤더니 얼굴이 퉁퉁 부어 오늘도 짜증나는 날이네’라는 후렴구 가사를 아직도 기억할 정도”라고 너스레를 떨었다.
Claiming that "[HOT was] overflowing with a cheap, ghetto feel", he also revealed that "There was a song we had sung called 'Today's another annoying day' [oh eur do jia jeung na neun nar ee ne]  and just like the song, every day was a drag." He also ranted "it was to the point where the part of the refrain from that song that said 'My face is all swollen because I ate a ramen before sleeping. Today's another annoying day' was such an accurate depiction of the situation that the words still stick with me to this day."

토니안이 HOT 데뷔에 믿음을 갖은 건 히트곡 ‘캔디’를 접하면서부터였다. 그는 “서로가 서로를 마음에 들어 하지 않았었다”면서도 “‘캔디’라는 곡을 받은 순간 하늘이 열리고 광명이 찾아오는 듯 했다”고 당시를 떠올렸다. 이어 “노래의 후렴구를 부르게 돼 얼마나 기분이 좋았는지 모른다”며 “데뷔 순간 아버지가 눈물을 흘렸을 정도였다”고 밝혔다.
It was with the hit song 'Candy' that Tony An began to have faith in HOT. He recalled that "We didn't really like each other" but that "as soon as we got a song called 'Candy' it seemed like the heavens were showering us with glory." He added "You wouldn't believe how happy it made me to sing the refrain of that song" and revealed that "It was so incredible that my dad cried tears when we debuted with it".

한편 이날 방송에서 토니안은 HOT 시절 외에도 독립 이후와 유년기 등을 공개해 시청자들의 시선을 사로잡았다.
Tony An also attracted the audience's attention beyond his HOT days by sharing his experiences of his solo activity and childhood.

Holy smokes, Tony An is that REALLY you?

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