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Ga-In trained under university professor for “Irreversible” choreography

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Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In worked with a university professor for the classy choreography of her upcoming track, “Irreversible.”

Teaching at the Seoul Arts University, professor Park Myung Soo carefully choreographed the dance to reflect the dramatic lyrics of the track. One such lyric croons, “If you don’t want to love me, kill me.”

Ga-In’s representative said of the partnership, “The first teaser showed Ga-In being thrown around. We’ve been preparing a new type of choreography to go with this high quality genre of music. Because of that, she’s been practicing for the last three months with a university dance professor.”

As a solo artist, she’s definitely experimenting with her concept. Most idols’ dances are simple and easy to learn, but it looks like this one will be more sophisticated and unique.

Source: AKP

Is this gonna be some tecktonik-level dancing or what? j/k I bet it's some kind of interpretive dance. Like this:
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