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Soribada picks the top 100 albums of the 2000’s

Major music site Soribada chose the top 100 best albums of the 2000’s and began revealing a bit of the list each day since September 30th.  The list will run for a total of 100 days until finally revealing the full list on January 14, 2011.

Soribada stated, “We chose these albums with 39 music professionals including music critics, journalists, composers and writers, that work with major music magazine, ‘100 Beat.‘”

The CEO of Soribada, Yang Jung Hwan, continued, “Music reflects the life style of its generation and holds so much more meaning in its content. We believe that this list is a necessity not only to look back at the memories of the past 10 years but to advance the current music market and to hopefully predict the future. In order to fulfill such meaning, Soribada has agreed to participate in the project in finding the top 100 albums of the first ten years.”

As of October 7th, ranks 71 through 100 have been revealed.

100. Jang Giha and Faces – “Living Without Trouble” (2009)
99. Nastyona – “Bye Bye My Sweet Honey” (2004)
98. Gumx – “What’s Been Up?” (2003)
97. Kim Chang Wan Band – “Bus” (2009)
96. The Moonshiners – “White Book of Escapades” (2009)
95. Shadow Palace – “Shadow Palace” (2007)
94. Mustangs – “The Mustangs” (2006)
93. Underwear Band – “Cruise Ship of Love” (2003)
92. Go Chan Yong – “After 10 Years Absence” (2006)
91. Rhyme Attack & Mild Beat – “Message from Underground” (2006)
90. Method – “Spiritual Reinforcement” (2009)
89. Im In Geon – “The Tree That Became A Piano” (2004)
88. Mohave – “Machine Kid” (2003)
87. Raphael Saadiq – “The Way I See It” (2008)
86. Oh Ji Eun – “Ji Eun” (2007)
85. Swallow – “Aresco” (2005)
84. T – “As Time Goes By” (2001)
83. Seo Taiji – “I’m An Utraman” (2000)
82. Na Yoon Seon – “Memory Lane” (2007)
81. Malo – “The Loss of Cherry Blossoms” (2003)
80. Delispice – “D” (2001)
79. Taeyang (King Of R&B) – “HOT” (2008)
78. Miyeon & Park Jae Cheon – “Queen & King” (2005)
77. Jo Kyu Chan – “Guitology” (2005)
76. TrioLogue – “Speak Low” (2005)
75. Julia Hart – “Light Breath” (2001)
74. Huckleberry Finn – “Illusion… My Disillusionment” (2007)
73. Song Young Ju – “Love Never Falls” (2009)
72. Epik High – “Map of the Human Soul” (2003)
71. Kim Chang Ki – “The Esthetics of Falling” (2000)

Survey participants:
Kang Il Kwon (Editor in chief of webzine “Dreamer”), Kim Kyung Jin (Pop music critic), Kim Kwang Hyun (Editor in chief of “Jazz People”), Kim Do Hoon (Journalist Cine21), Kim Bong Hyun (Pop music critic), Kim Yang Su (Artist, pop music critic), Kim Young Jin (Writer for webzine “Wave”), Kim Young Hyuk (Sony BMG), Kim Yun Ha (Pop music critic), Kim Ja Ga (Pop music critic), Kim Jung Wee (Pop music critic), Kim Hak Seon (Editor in chief of webzine “See”), Kim Hyun Joon (Jazz music critic), Na Do Won (Pop music critic), Moon Jung Ho (Writer for webzine “See”), Park Eun Seok (Pop music critic), Park Jung Yong (Pop music critic), Bae Sun Tak (Writer for “Music Camp”), Seo Sung Duk (Writer for webzine “See”), Seo Jung MIn Kap (Writer for webzine “See”), Song Myung Ha (Pop music critic), Ye Dong Hyun (Writer for webzine “Dreamer”), Yoo Jung Hoon (Director of “Music Land” contents), Yoon Ho Jun (Writer for webzine “Music Tastes Y”), Lee Kyung Jun (Pop music critic), Lee Min Hee (Pop music critic), Lee Tae Hoon (Online business team for “Scent Music”), Lee Ho Young (Pop music critic), Jo Il Dong (Writer for webzine “Music Tastes Y”), Cha Woo Jin (Writer for webzine “Wave”), Choi Kyu Yong (Pop music critic), Choi Min Woo (Editor in chief of webzine “Wave”), Choi Sung Woo (Writer for webzine “Wave”), Choi Ji Seon (Pop music critic), Choi Ji Ho (Writer for webzine “Music Tastes Y”), Hyung Yun Sun (Planning team for Soribada)

Source:  Osen, Star News, Soribada via AKP
Tags: epik high, seo taiji, taeyang

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