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JiHyun and HyunAh to cameo in movie 'Late Night FM' for free

Popular girl group 4Minute's members Nam JiHyun and Kim HyunAh will have cameo roles in the upcoming thriller movie, 'Late Night FM'. This is significant news as they are stepping out of the music field to debut in the movie industry.

According to the representative producers, as 4Minute has been having close collaborations with the staff all along, the girls will be receiving 0 Won (the Korean currency) for the cameo.

Starring SooAe and Yoo JiTae, 'Late Night FM' is about a popular radio DJ receiving a phone call from a mysterious guy who threatened to kill her family members if she doesn't do what he instructs her to do.

Hence, SooAe's younger sister listening to 4Minute's "I My Me Mine" is not a coincidence. It can be said that the song is awarded to the girls as their "pay".

Meanwhile, 'Late Night FM' will be released in Korea on 14th October.

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