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2NE1 is trying too hard

HMV Online has released some exciting and interesting information about 2NE1 and their efforts in Japan.

According to HMV, the girls of 2NE1 are scheduled to release a special “To Anyone” album under AVEX / Rhythm Zone in Japan on December 8th. Something of immediate notice is that there will be a bonus track on the album titled ‘FUCK YOU’. No, I’m not kidding, here’s a screen shot on HMV:

There will be 2 editions of the album, a regular edition which will be 2 CD’s consisting of 20 tracks (including FUCK YOU) and will cost 3059 yen (around $37). There will also be a special limited edition which will not only include the 2 CD’s consisting of 20 tracks (including FUCK YOU) but also a special Bonus DVD containing 2NE1’s music videos. This will be priced at 3990 yen (around $48).

HMV declares this as the debut of 2NE1 in Japan and describes the girls as having overwhelming powerful music with charismatic performances that can’t be compared with any other girl groups. HMV also states that most of their fans are females and in Japan, they’re popular with the middle and high school girls along with BIGBANG fans.

Interesting news, especially with the name of the bonus track, I wonder how the reaction to that is going to be. Either way, it’s pretty exciting.

Did YG learn nothing from Taeyang's T-shirt scandal?
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