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BEG Shows Off Their "Saucy Hip Dance" in Japan

K-POP idols like 5 member unit KARA with the “butt dance” and SNSD with the army of beautiful legs are taking over the Japanese islands. Among them are “Brown Eyed Girls” with most members nearing their 30s. They are arriving with sex appeal as their weapon. They didn’t even go easy on foreign minister Maehara Seiji (48), an important person in Korean-Japan affairs, who was fascinated with their “saucy hip dance”.

Brown Eyed Girls were special guests on the 2nd at the Korea-Japan Culture Festival in Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills. Miryo (28), who is skilled in Japanese, said “After this, we want to do our best in Japan, so please look after us!”

Make-up artist , as well as the Korean Sightseeing PR Ambassador, IKKO (48) also was part of the “cheering party” during the performance of the hit song “Abracadabra”. The “saucy hip dance” is when you fold your arms and push out your waist, which Foreign Minister Maehara was captivated by as he looked on with great interest.

Brown eyed Girls debuted in Korea in 2006. The 4 member group consists of Jea (29), Narsha (28), Miryo and Gain (23). Among Korean girl groups, which are mostly in their teens~20s, Brown Eyed Girls is known as the “older sister” group and has chosen the sexy route.

They just advanced in Japan on August 25th with their album “SOUND-G”. Their SM-like bondage outfits clearly showed their butt-line. The women smiled at the fans as they rushed to the stage. They’re modest Korean ladies. Uncle fans also seemed to increase in the area, as they were bewitched by Brown Eyed Girls.

Translated by: gator_yoong
Source: Infoseek Women

Tags: brown eyed girls, festival

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