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Top 10 secrets about Gorgeous Generation

10 secrets so you can know SNSD better

9 member group SNSD is one of the pioneer members of K-POP girl units. They debuted in Japan about a month ago and are quickly preparing for the release of their 2nd single and here are their “10 Secrets”.

These personal testimonies are from staff members.

1. The life of 9 members living together

Since their debut in 2007, the 9 members of SNSD have been living together in a high class apartment in Seoul. Since there are only 5 rooms they were divided as follows: “Yoona (20) & Yuri (20)”, “Jessica (21) & Sooyoung (21)”, “Hyoyeon (21) & Seohyun (19)”, “Sunny (21) and Taeyeon (21)” and “Tiffany (21)”. (Korean Music Staff)

The girls will be coming back to Japan with their 2nd single “Gee” which will be released on the 20th. This fall, the SNSD whirlwind will blow in once more.

2. The order of morning showers…

“Since their young girls around 20, they live together like a large family, so to decide the order of morning showers they do “rock, paper, scissors”.” They also have a system everyday for meals. The “rule” is that in the morning the first member to wake up makes breakfast and the last one has to clean everything up. Although you could say, the late riser is regularly Jessica. She’s always the girl in charge of cleaning up (Haha)” (Korean female reporter)

3. They put names on their underwear!

The members decide things by majority rules. “Since the 9 members have similar body types, there is a rule that says they must definitely write the initials of their names on their underwear. Also, they are not allowed to be in romantic relationships according to their office, so there is an unspoken agreement that if a member likes someone, they have to hide it. This seems to be a scheme so they can try and solve who the date is (Haha)” (The previous mentioned reporter)

4. A routine that strengthens their bond!

One of SNSD’s charms is that they dance powerfully and perfectly together. In order to increase their bond, it’s routine that they hold each others’ hands and talk for 5 minutes every day.

5. Beauty & Diet methods…

The girls stretch out their slender legs and let out an involuntary sigh--.
A Korean beauty writer states, “It seems they don’t particularly limit the food they eat. They pay more attention right before a new song is released when their exposure is high, but consistently around every 3rd week they order pizza and they go back and forth to the sundae (sausage) shop.
“Seohyun is enthusiastic about eating habits and beauty. She doesn’t eat instant food or fast food at all. Since skin cells rejuvenate at night, she tries to get to bed by midnight.”
She thoroughly takes care of herself and it’s her true personality, it seems she’s called a “model student”. Intense dancing and a well-regulated lifestyle delivers great legs!?

6. Spending time with members on the holidays

SNSD are close friends. They often spend time together on their vacations.
In their private time, they are very ordinary girls. They go to amusement parks, and enjoy shopping and going out to eat. When they go on trips they regularly wear caps and a mask to “disguise” themselves, but fans still recognize them.
One time, the girls went to an amusement park with no make-up on and fans took tons of pictures of Sunny, Hyoyeon, Jessica and Tiffany. Their company got angry and told them, “Next time you go out on a trip, wear make-up!” (Haha)” (Previously Mentioned Reporter)
There are also days when the members bond and go to bars together. Tiffany disclosed this on a Korean TV program, “The members who are the worst drunks are Sooyoung and Jessica. Sooyoung becomes hot-tempered and Jessica becomes a “telephone demon” (Haha)”

7. The member with ‘superhuman strength” is Yoona

The number one (strongest) is the group’s “center” and popular member, Yoona. She may look frail, but she’s actually famous for being the group’s strongest.
“She completely defeated a male talent, that she was co-starring, with at arm wrestling, among other things. This power is certainly boyish. When the group has to travel, Yoona’s job is to carry the heavy luggage.” (Previously mentioned program’s staff)

8. Jessica’s “troubling” habit

Jessica is called the “ice princess” by fans because of her cool image. Her troubling habit is, once she’s asleep she doesn’t get up.
“When we’re filming, 2 hours had passed and Jessica hadn’t appeared, the staff started to really panic. We even considered filing a police report, but once we searched the house again, we found her with a toothbrush in one hand sleeping in the bathtub. (Haha)”
On their days off, she can sleep for more than 16 hours. When it seems too late, the members toss her out of bed, and exclaim that “Sleeping Beauty” has woken up.

9. ”Leader” Taeyeon’s troubles

Taeyeon was selected as leader because she is the oldest member. The pressure caused her to sleepwalk for a period of time. At that time, Sooyoung spoke to the Korean media.
When Taeyeon sleeps, she solves math problems. Even though she’s alone she greets someone. In the middle of the night she would also start using her phone, it was scary.”
Naturally, Taeyeon doesn’t remember any of this, but the members told her about her sleepwalking and her actions in the middle of the night.
At the end of last year, Taeyeon appeared on the variety program “Strong Heart” and confessed, “I’m retiring from being leader. I’m a timid person, so I can’t lead.”
At night, during our “discussions” the fellow members criticized me, so I locked myself in my room.
“Because of that, our group decided we wouldn’t have a leader, so right now we don’t have a leader.”

10. Pranks are Yuri’s hobbies

According to the members Yuri’s bad reputation is because, “She acts completely different around guys and girls”.
She is extremely mischievous and is famous for being the “most mischievous” member in SNSD.
“At their dorm, she tied all of the members’ shoelaces together and ran away. She hid a toy cockroach in Tiffany’s bed and made her cry. She often makes them angry (Haha)
She’s unique during “disputes”. When she’s angry at a member, she writes a memo on why she is upset and then reads it off to the member. Also if the other party objects to the memo, she expects it and has answers written down for that as well. It’s interesting” (Previously mentioned program staff)

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I love them.
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