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Kim Jong Kook's First Mini Concert, 'Dragon Club' To Show Support

Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Hong Kyung Min-- all friends as part of '76 Yongddi(Dragon) Club' have mobilized for Kim Jong Kook's first mini concert.

On the 15th-17th Kim Jong Kook will hold '2010 Kim Jong Kook Concert My Special Memory' at Ewha University Samsung Hall. For this Cha Tae Hyun and Hong Kyung Min and even Jang Hyuk will come together. They will sing and share funny stories as part of their support.

Leessang's Gary and Mighty Mouth will also join. Also there is another special guest yet to be revealed.

A representative from the concert said "Although this is a mini concert, the invited guests and the preparations are that of a large scale event." "The performance will be more dazzling and rich than the stage."

In this concert Kim Jong Kook plans on revealing his favorite songs to sing at noraebang(karaoke), performing with his real close friends and reminisce about his childhood as he sings.

Source: newsen
Translated by: o-cha at Soompi Forums
Tags: concert, kim jong kook

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