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Why was Minji crying? :[

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The normally cheerful and calm maknae showed us her vunerabilty in the latest episode of 2NE1tv. I'm sure by now you all have watched the RAW version of 2NE1 TV ep5 and are wondering why Minzy maknae is crying. Acutally it wasn's about her singing or English as had been speculated,

Minzy seemed to have been overcome with the magnitude of recent events, namely recording with Will I Am and being in LA with such major stars. She also seemed overcome with homesickness and nostalgia during their second trip to LA. Rewatch the video below and checkout the translations, even while becoming emotional, her maturity at such a tender age is inspiring.

HELLO! how is everyone!
I am everyone's cute monster
The Maknae

Finally, it's the last night at LA
I really can't bear to leave
But LA's life nevertheless ended interestingly

First of all, the experience of recording with Will
Has been very meaningful
Under such good circumstances, (t/n i think, pardon my mediocre chinese)
Nice environment to record music
Has made my mood really pleasant.

As a matter of fact, i do not dare to believe that
Such an amazing thing happened..
Everyday in the practice room, listening to their music..
Only looking at their albums..
Left me thinking,
Am i really really able to see them?
Such people and artists i could only dream about..
Looking at them..
Then waking up to the fact that I am working with them
Really felt like i'm dreaming

Because of the overflowing love and care
We are able to experience
This (t/n i duno, i think something along "fascinating" or "mystical") thing
Therefore with very very specials thanks
*Sheds tear
To the people who helped us
First of all, I want to thank the leader (probably meant CL or YG)
And those who are always worried for us, 2NE1's own family (mum and dads)
We are YG Family members and we really cannot do without one member
Really thankful to everyone
This time round, coming to LA
Made me miss everyone a lot more
The final night in LA has come to an end
I love you all

Chinese Subbed Source:, 2NE1's Official Youtube
Translated by )v(ichaeL (from Chinese Subs)
Article by )v(ichaeLand tazanya
Tags: 2ne1

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