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It's not only plastic surgery companies that like Jaekyung's face

Rainbow’s leader Jaekyung has been casted alongside Kim Hyun Joong as the model for LG Care’s popular cosmetic brand, ‘The Face Shop‘.

A representative of LG Care revealed, “By observing Jaekyung’s various images and unique charms during her performances, we believe that her image will be a perfect fit for The Face Shop’s model.

In the past, the list of celebrities who became models for LG Care’s cosmetic brands are known to be A-list celebrities, as they included stars like Jeon Ji Hyun, Kim Nam Joo, Go So Young, Han Ji Hae, Kim Min Jung, Lee Yoon Ji, and figure-skate queen Kim Yuna.

Meanwhile, the girls of Rainbow are set to make a comeback around the middle of this month with a release of a new album.


Dear DSP, seeing as the chances of KARA and Rainbow promoting at the same time are high, I demand my DSP line special stage that you REFUSED to give me with KARA and SS501. other than that, give me more woori and yoonhye with this comeback. and more of jaekyung's boobs

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