chris (jonghyunf) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

princess hyomin refuses to share mic with goddess minkyung

Davichi’s Kang Minkyung found herself as a mic-less MC on this week’s ‘M! Countdown‘.

While hosting the music show with T-ara’s Hyomin, Minkyung somehow ended up not having a mic in time and because the show was going live, she did not have time to grab one.

While introducing Co-Ed’s “Too Late” stage early in the show, Minkyung looked a bit puzzled because she didn’t have a mic in her hand but she just pretended to have a mic and finished her job. Her voice couldn’t be heard, but like a good sport, she laughed it off.

Mnet’s representative said, ”Kang Minkyung forgot to take her mic with her while going back on stage. She improvised with speed on the spot so it ended well.”

Netizens wrote,

“The invisible mic is cool.”
“She still looks pretty.”
“That was funny and smart.”

Check out the hilarious clip below!

source: Mnet, allkpop & jackhklee

look at my bb hyomin hogging the spotlight, being pretty, farting all over your favorite idols, etc
Tags: t-ara

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