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Park Doorami shares her thoughts about having celebrity siblings


Doorami whose the only one of park’s family, the one who has her private life and ordinary simple girl, studying as university student,still captured netizen eyes..with same looks with her sister

Sandara Park’s sister,Doorami Park’s pictures have surfaced and netizens have been commenting on her good looks. Although they have a 5 year age difference, Doorami (21) and Sandara (26), they sure don’t look it.

Doorami’s got the same nose, eyes, and face structure. You can definitely tell they are siblings, and good looking at that! Sandara’s been capturing the hearts of celebrities and fanboys, and I’m sure Doorami will as well, I wonder when she’s going to hit up the Korean Entertainment scene – it’s only a matter of time!

A good looking family all around, as Sandara’s brother Park Sanghyun, has received much praise.

she wrote on her diary about her thoughts having a celebrities siblings

“…i’m proud of my unnie SSAN2x, after pursuing hard on her carrier so much, she deserved this a lot,i consider my unnie as my second mother,love her so much, and to my younger brother sanghyun, whose following steps of our dear SSAN2x, fighting!! now welcome to the world where are our dear SSAN2x grew with tears and happiness in her life,you work hard a lot too..,well guess i’m the one whose left??~should i go for it too??~kekeke ~ but unnie said i’ll finished my study first,she said education is most important than anything which can’t replace~~she said i’m the one who will give an academic awards from school and them will give an star awards~~chaaarraann~~keke~i’ll promised to finished my studies, and i truly respect how unnie SSAN2x and dear sanghyun give me a big privacy in despite their popularity and as a celebrities whose cameras are into them and admire it a lot..i miss our childhood memories together,hope we can hang out together sooner…SSAN2X unnie figthing!! dear sanghyun fighting!! i’m here as yours #1 and forever fan..”

some netizen commented:

“she’s really pretty!!”

“she looks like her unnie SSAN2x..”

“hope she debut as star someday..”


source: 2every1
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