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celestial(2)PM for WPK 2010 Autumn interview

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The encore concert of 2PM was held at Seoul Olympic Park Stadium on September 4th & 5th.

We had an exclusive interview with 2PM after the first night of the encore concert. Do they have huge enthusiasm for the Japan debut?!

Q. Firstly, you worked really hard on the first day of the encore concert. For those who don't know about you much, please tell us your brief history.

Taecyeon: We debuted on September 4th, 2008. Two years have just passed since then. Our debut song is "10 out of 10", followed by 4 albums and singles in total. We've been working as a boys idol group that shows the wild and manly side, representing the beastly image.

Q. What led you to start your career? And how did you become a member of 2PM?

Nichkhun: In my case...I didn't have any particular event. When I went to see a concert, I met a casting director of JYP, which was by accident... Then I attended their audition, and got accepted.

Junsu: I was in the 9th grade when I first thought of pursuing a musical career. I really liked Stevie Wonder. At that time, I watched his performance on screen, and aspired to becoming a musician...just like him. I auditioned for JYP when I was a high school junior, which led me to become a 2PM member.

Chansung: I joined JYP through an audition program called "Superstar Survival." At first, I wanted to become an actor, but as I learnt dancing and singing at JYP, I was utterly attracted by them. That's why I started pursuing a musical career.

Taecyeon: Like Chansung, I also entered into JYP through an audition program. Lots of things happened in two years while I was a trainee, and an incident gave me an opportunity to be selected as a member of 2PM.

Junho: Originally I had always wanted to study acting since childhood, but I became interested in dancing and singing, and was gradually hooked on them. After preparing for an audition, I participated "Superstar Survival" same as Chansung and Taecyeon hyung. I passed the audition, and joined 2PM.

Wooyoung: I became a member of 2PM after entering JYP through a public audition.

Q. What is the appeal of 2PM?

Taecyeon: The strong charisma and passion on the stage. At the same time, the very natural and not faked expressions outside the stage. I think our fans find those opposite aspects attractive.

Q. You've just celebrated two years anniversary. Did it take long or not to get where you are?

2PM: Mm, you could say two years have passed fast...but at the same time,
it took long to come this far.

Taecyeon: Many things happened, really, within the last couple of years...What kind of period were the past two years for us? We've worked so hard, and of course we will do the same from now on. What I want to say is that sometimes, we all think back on how we spent these two years. Though I felt that days have passed quickly, at the same time felt like "only two years have passed." Also, I wonder what our next album is going to be like, or what our career is going to be like..there are times I become anxious and am eager to know. Indeed we experienced so many things in the past two years.

Q. Now, please tell us your thoughts on the Japan debut.

Wooyoung: Now I'm just so excited. Many Koreans visit Japan for shopping, or to learn about the Japanese culture, right? Personally I'd like to relate to the country by learning its culture more deeply. Then if we can appear on stage in Japan, we would be filled with happiness. That's what I'm expecting.

Junho: Finally we decided to start activities in Japan from the end of the year. Now what I have in my mind is that 2PM is going to make a debut again. The feeling of making a debut once again in Japan, just like we debuted two years ago with a song "10 out of 10." Becoming nervous, I keep thinking of how we should do to be accepted by the Japanese fans. Yet, now I come to realize that rather than thinking something, fans will welcome us if we show who we are, our natural self.

Taecyeon: Firstly, I'm so happy and feel fresh to debut in Japan. In Korea, it seems lots of people feel 'Japan is close but far away,' but we will visit Japan, introduce the appealing Korean music, and come back with the deep knowledge of Japanese culture. By sharing the knowledge in Korea, I'd like to slowly diminish such barrier.

Chansung: To begin with, as this is the first time to do activities officially out of Korea, I'm eager to know how much people in Japan will be purely interested in 2PM, and if they will see us as a good group. For the upcoming Japanese activities, my heart is beating so hard. Please support us. We'll show our best performance, doing our best in Japan as well.

Junsu: Actually a lot of Japanese fans came to our solo concert held in Seoul and Busan, and I was so touched.
I think it's not easy to be loved by such many people outside Korea. Therefore I really feel grateful to Japanese fans.
When we make a debut in Japan, as the representative of Korean men, we'll work hard to be accepted and recognized as "Wow, there are very passionate men in Korea".

Nichkhun: First of all, I'm so nervous, though at the same time I'm so glad to start activities in somewhere new. As mentioned, lots of Japanese fans came to see our performance. We saw your faces from the stage. So I always wanted to visit Japan and thank our fans. I can't wait to go there. When we visit, I'd like to eat various Japanese foods, and learn different cultures. I'll study Japanese hard as well!

Q. Lately both boys and girls idol groups from Korea make a debut in Japan one after another, and each of them seems to have a big dream / goal such as "Oricon No.1! (Oricon is the most well-known and reliable music chart)" or "To be selected for Kohaku (Kohaku is the year-end music program)". How about you?

Junho: Although it's important to set a visible goal like Oricon ranking, we are going to debut as a "beastly idol group." Therefore, we need to put efforts to bring the people in Japan a completely new experience through our performance.That's what we feel now. If we succeed in showing our true self and leaving an overwhelming impression, then naturally the ranking result will follow. If not, then it's because our lack of efforts. We know we have to cross a very high hurdle, but rather than setting a strict goal, first, we're looking forward to communicating with Japanese fans! That's what I think.

Q. Sounds nice. Lastly, please give a message to Japanese fans!

Wooyoung: We're very grateful that you give us such a wonderful opportunity. Because you guys care about us, we can exploit our abilities. To respond your support, we will give you back more than that. See you soon!

Junho: We really appreciate that you come all the way to Korea and support us. We will be promoted as a "beastly idol group," and I hope that expression won't be a burden to you. I want to do activities keeping time with Japanese fans.

Taecyeon: We'll go to Japan soon, and will work hard to show our performance. (In Japanese) I'm looking forward to seeing all of you! ...Is it correct? (In Japanese) Please wait for us! Thank you. See you soon!

Your Japanese is very good.

Chansung: Even though the cultural background is different from us, the Japanese fans care about 2PM...It must be difficult to do so (but still they support us) seems we're engaged on a very unique yet grateful job. Therefore, we appreciate and are thankful for the support from people of Japan. Accepting their heart, we will try hard to meet their expectations through activities. Thank you.

Junsu: There have already been people who support us from Japan. However, this time we'll visit you with a nicer and hotter manner, so please keep loving us!

Nichkhun: All we want to do is to try hard not to make Japanese fans disappointed. And we can't wait to go to Japan and see you guys. Thank you!

WPK 2010 Autumn Magazine via Love Our Time
Translated by Love Our Time
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