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STILL 2:00PM Thank You notes, translated!

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Taecyeon’s Thanks to:
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Thank you Lord for bringing me this chance again. My family Dad, mum, noona, Jinyoung hyung who keeps working for our best title song, problem counselor Jungwook CEO, Byun Sabong director, Jo Hyesung director, Jisang hyung who wrote our intro, Jongsoo hyung who made I know and the dance break, super engineer Bongwon hyung, Junsu hyung who we started working with, Eunji noona, Changdae hyung who is really busy these days, Namyongshin, Namyong hyung who does so much for us, Jiho hyung who always helps us, Changeun hyung, Jungmin hyung, Younggul hyung, Sanghee noona, Jincheol hyung who went to San E hyungㅠㅠ, Seungyeol hyung, 2PM manager Seobjoosshi, Minjae hyung hwaiting always!!

Jung Eunok teacher who is always smilying, Jo PDnim, Seniors Myunghwa noona, Kim Hwanggon team leader, Jonggyu hyung, Yoon jaeho hyung, Sunghee noona, Yoohee noona, Haejoonsshi, Haeinsshi, Congratulations Byungki hyung, Hana noona, Jieun noona, Soojung noona, Rayoung noona, Doosun hyung, Chulhoon hyung, Yoomyo hyung, Sangwon hyung, Hyojung noona, Youngjoo noona, Eunkyung noona, Hwayoung noona who teaches me Japanesse, President Doo Hyunsoo, Sunmi noona, Boram hyung, Jaeho hyung, teacher Song Yoomin! Hoongyu hyung! Soyoung noona! Heehwa noona and our JYP trainees say hello properly!

Wonhee noona~ Changmin hyung, Seulong hyung who says Soulmate should we go try and raise a marine, running god Jo Kwon, Jinwoon who I havent seen in ages, Wondukulsoo! Sunye, Yeeun, Haerim, Sohee, Yoobin! Jackpot rookie Miss A Minyoung, Fei, Jia, Suzy! OUur Minjoo who will break the blank, Sunmi, Soyoung, G-Soul, rap genius San-E hyung and best super ultra maximum extreme and on top of that has so many groups to look after but loves us a lot and who spent many sleepless nights because of our new concept President Yang Hyungshim and also Youngho noona who looks younger! Myungok noona who has lost a lot of weight, Ara Jaws bar, Hana noona, Sunhwa noona, Jiyeon, Yura team leader of Yura power house team who seems to be blood type AB but isnt, my tiktok love Sooyeon noona who has a charming smile and Jiyoon noona, Hyunsook noona, Heewon noona who i havent seen a lot of lately, Jiyoung noona, STYLE FLOOR Im Jinwook boss and all the staff thank you so much~

Jeonho hyung who took the best jacket for us! When you say design its Gong Minsun director~ Jang Jaehyuk director who has lost a lot of weight, JYP USA staff and Yongdeng highschool babies! MA HARAVARD BOY IAN! Ra.Dnim who wrote us a pretty song. Park Saejoon who let me right the rap in dance2night, Bang Yoohyun(weeklyweet), Jiyoung noona who I recently met at Dance grandprix, Dongyeol hyung, Jungji Ssolssol hyung, Sooeun noona, Baek hogu and Yoori, Jinho hyung at body space, Soojin noona, Eunjungee who is pretty in just sweats and without eyeliner (youre a fashionistar now too!) Taewoo hyung who I cant get in contact to see if hes okay after his operation, Jungmyung hyung, Seowoo noona, Geunyoung noona, Seungmin hyung, Eunjung noona, Gwangmin hyung, Jiyoung noona, Sunghoon hyung, Hyungtaec hyung, Seonjin noona, congratulations on your marriage Hongsuk noona, Sangryul hyung, Wonhee noona, Sanghyun hyung, Bongsun noona, T.I.P crew who was a lot of help with our choreography! Dancer hyungs and noonas who helped at our concert thank you thank you!

My 2PM members who I treasure a lot! Junsu, Khun, Wooyoung, Junho, Chansung! We are beastly-dols! Lets show the energy of the beastly-dol! Lastly HOTTEST who supports 2PM I thank you and I love you.

Nichkhun’s Thanks to:
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I’d like to say Thank you to My lovely family for always loving & supporting me. You guys are the biggest reason why I keep doing what I’m doing. Dad, Mom, Channie, Nin, and Cherleen I love you! Baan Ne Family, Pa Aud and P’Bee, Boss~ It’s always good going to Thailand with you, so let’s do it more often!!Kim’s Club! for always being my family! = ] And the Silly little Young one <3 + Many others I didn’t mention.. Doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the things you do for me.

JYP Power!! Jinyoung hyung~ Let’s go bowling!!you need to come back moreeee, President Jimmy you know what I want right> = b. Hope you’re always healthy Vice President Mr Byun~ Director Mr Jo when are you going to golf?? kekeke. Jiho hyung~ fighting!! Jiyoung nuna, Jihyung nuna, Jungu hyung, Gijae hyung, Team Leader Jung, Hyojung nuna, Boram hyung, Youngju nuna, Eungyung nuna, Jaeseo-ssi, Jungmin hyung, Cheongeun hyung, Younggeol hyung, Seobju hyung, Minjae hyung<3, Jincheol hyung, Seungyeol hyung, Lee Jaeho young, Kim Jaeho hyung, Sanghee nuna, Juyeon-ssi, and Ara nuna + Hyojin nuna~ Eunok-ssi~ kekeke It’s OK even if you’re not 28 as long as you’re healthy!^^, Namdon hyung & Myunghwa nuna!!! Leal?????? kekekekeke, Byungki hyung, Hana nuna, Jieun nuna, Team Leader Hwanggon, Uncle Jonggyu, Jaeho hyung, Haejun hyung, Sunghee nuna, Mei nunim, Yuhee nuna & Daisy nuna, Hyein-ssi, Youngkwon-ssi, Bongwon hyung, Jongsu hyung, Jisang hyung, Eunji nuna, Super Chanddai, Tommy, Junsu hyung, AQE Boram hyung, Bongwoon hyung, Seonmi nuna, Jaeho yung, and Hyeeun-ssi.

JYP USA : Wooseok PD-nim,An Jinyoung hyung, Myungsu hyung,Hoyun hyung, Jane Kim, Susan~ Take me to America pleaseee~~ JYP China : Duseon hyung, Cheolhun hyung, Jigeum-nim, Yumyo hyung, Jangyeon-nim Jia You!! Namyong hyung~ kekeke Hyung don’t get sick!!, Hwayoung nuna Mikang is mine!! keke, Nomyong hyung~ kekeke Hyung don’t get sick!!, Hwayoung nuna Mikang is mine!! keke, Hungyu hyung <3, I’m really trying me best Song Yumi teacher ^^, TIP Crew you guys are so awesome~~ Teamwork Is Perfect!!! = ] Our dorm caretaker auntie thank you for making us yummy food all the time. Best Hair Team President Yang, Director Hong, Myungok nuna, Jo Ara nuna, Jiyeon-i, Sunhwa nuna, Hanna nuna, Director Lim Jingok <3<3<3<3<3 Best outfit Team Director Yura, Suyeon nuna, Jiyun nuna, Jiyoung nuna, Hyunsuk nuna, Hwewon nuna, this outfit is the best!!! keke TEO Jeonho hyung, Director Jang Jaeyuk, Director Jeon Eunyoung, Director Gong Minseon~

It was really awesome this time, too~ Thank you!!! ^^ 2AM, JOO, Soyoung, Wonder Girls, Miss A, San E.. We just need to keep holding our heads up high and the sky is not so far away. P’Vit, P’Kong, P’Ta, P’Bee, P’jom, P’Gee, P’Daeng and all the staffs in Thailand~ Khob Khun Cub! Always fighting for Victoria and if you’re having troubles contact me kekeke Yunjeong nuna Suji nuna Jeongmi nuna and WGM staff members than you for working hard so that we appear nicely.♥ SBK! I shall see you guys soon (hopefully…) Don’t forget me just yet! Chani..I’ll be looking forward to next January bro.. Don’t forget!, Shin 21Sake??, Sean you look like a pop star!!, Joe hurry and make a come back!, Donghwee~You’re so handsome even to a guy = ] Our dancer hyungs and nunims thank you so much for helping with our concert!

Thank you for believing in us always our HOTTEST. The love you showed us at our concert was so touching! HOTTEST JJANG!!!! I respect and appreciate everyone around me for making me who I am. Wish you all health before wealth, because “Healthy is Wealthy”. Thank you!

Junsu’s Thanks to:
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Mum and Dad who gives me the whole worlds happiness+there is a pathway with patience! My Dongseng Junhyun who is a Marine + Grandma who i love + Our puppy Junie, its been 15 years. Woonghyun Hyung who i miss+Yookyung who is in heaven, Geunsoo hyun come back to korea quickly + Jungmin hyung who bought Geunwon hyung sushi+ Youngmin hyung who looks really happy after getting married and wife, our Jibyung hyung, Jinyoung hyung who passes on the energy of music!, Kyungwook boss who teased me by saying i was a tacky guy, Bright byunsang bongboo boss, Director Jo Hyesung whos face sometimes goes red, Yangyang Salon’s power woman Hyungshim noona + Youngho noona who said she’ll be quiet + Myungwook noona who go to Woobang Land + Ara noona who likes Thailand + Baby Face Sunhwa noona + jiyeon, CEO Ok and Style floor staff, Director Yuri who always does hard work

Bad elementary school kid Sooyeon Noona + Jiyoung-sshi who’s actually the same age + Tinkerbell Heewon noona + Kind Jiyoon noona, cuz im korean Wookyung noona + Taekyung hyung, Byungki hyun congratulations on the wedding + Hana noona who seems like shes innocent + Bongwon haengnim who does lots of hard work, Jieun noona whos happy with publishing + Jooyoungnim + Jisang Haengnim + Jongsoo Hyungnim who has strong satoori + Eunji noona track lovesick jjang + Super Changdai Changdae hyung who went through a lot of troubles because of me + tommy + Eunsoonim, Hwanggon hyung who goes through a lot, Namdon hyung who has a lot of secrets kk + Jonggyu haengnim we should go to daegu + Jaeho hyung who is always smiling + pretty Sunghee noona + our soojung noona + real tv maker Myunghwa noona + Kind Rayoung noona + Yoohee noona who tricked me + warm Haejoon hyung + Haein noona who tries her best, rookie development team Jiyoung noona

Jungoo hyung, Kijae hyung, Kim Hyunkyung nim, Jihyung noona, Hwaiting!, management team kyung team leader + really bright Hyojung noona + Bright feeling Youngjoo noona + Bright smile Eunkyung noona + Lee Jaesuh nim, Myunghwan hyung, Management team Jiho hyung whos never had alcohol + Jungmin hyung congratulations on your wedding + Chungeun hyung who is like a man + our Youngkulsshi who im always thankful towars + our subjoosshi who has hard work + Sanghwa nona lets go eat + Jincheol hyung you will come back + Minjae hyung…introduce me + Seungyeol hyung + Eunok noona who said i wasnt her style + heewon noona + Hyung lets go until the end! I love you Namyong hyung + Hwayoung noona i really need to learn japanese, Woosuk hyung who hasn’t sent JYP USA Kanye rmx, Gsoul who i miss so much + Myungsoo hyung who had hard times in LA + Hoyoon hyung you are you well + together in korea Junsu Hyung

AQ our hyunsoo hyung, Boram hyung, Bongwoon hyung who misses dorm life, sad thoughts Jaeho hyung, total baby face sunmi noona, Jung Haeeun nim, JYP CHINA Doosun hyung + Chulhun hyung + Yoomyo hyung + Jangyeon nim, Kyunghee noona who will hit jackpot, Cool Jang Jaehyuk director, Gong Minsun director who assists me with my facial expressions, cool jeonho hyungnim, the cute Hungyu hyung, I have to do exercise ㅠ Jinho hyung, Jonghyuk hyung whos doing well + whens our lesson…Song Yoomi teacher, King Fei show me your gangster-ness + Mung Jjeuah mooshyoo junsu’s rice + Suzy dont be sickㅜ + Minyoungah we have to play sometime k, our Minjyoo who is becoming a lady JOO, Soyoung who i see a lot, JYP genius rapper waddup SAN E! 2AM has to be on the board ChamKwon + Changmin hyung whos body gets bigger everytime + unchanging guy Ongseul + Lets drink jinwoonah, Wonder girls Yoobin youre still are dongseng!ㅜ + our Yeeun who is like the big unnie + Sunye who is like an adult + Sohee who says helllo in BB + MYBADGIRL Haerim

Daegu4EVA Inyong thank you for being there + Junshik who I hope will be out the troubles even though its hard + Jinha who has lots of tears in the friendship + Hyunshik + Jingwan, Unchanging Jeon Taeyeon + Taewon who i was happy to meet, Ohgeun, Geunyoung, Jang Jinhong who sold AMG and came to korea + Kim Yoojin who tricked + warm Jaegeun, Jinwoo yah when will you be able to go on a trip, Ghetto Dawgs Sean + Its already winter SHIN + I acknowledge your rap Joe + C.Bravo who knows me too well keke + Daeyoung lets find the best steak house, the feeling of standing on stage together was good DOnghwi + we are happy Baul, Bora who bought me a smoothi, Junsu wat are you doing? kk Miyeon noona congrats on your wedding!! Jinhee noona, Eunjung noona, Mikey hyung whos forever my music brother + Entertainer Peter hyung + the world’s best guitarist CHARM, wus cracking ni99a ROGER

the funny and cool Jinwoo hyung + Sungmin hyung whos beard is charming + Sanghyuk hyung who has a warm heart, jealous of the Europe trip Saehee, Park to the Ye to the Eun Yeeun, BUmsung ah lets eat, pretty mirae, everything goods? IAN, yo JARAUD u really look like him in the dreams video kk, JAN! thanx fo the plancard haha neonsign.. it was tight!, You’ll be come an awesome stewardess! Mirang + Junghwang hyung, Goeun has your english improved, in the music Gwangsung hyung + are ou joking? puk! Jinwoo hyung, Rebekah noona who said she’ll change her care + Sungah noona lets eat brunch! Mark PD hyung who i miss + Hyung lets go to Daegu! Jungik hyung, Honggyu yah are you turning the flag well thing about 1 year later and be strong.

Also our Khun, taec, Junho, Wooyoung, Chansung in the hard and painful times lets come together tightly and get through it!! Also our fans who become our compass and light house, to all to people I love i bow my head and say thank you. I hope there is love and peace to all the people who listen to 2PM’s fifth album.. Jun.K ALL THE WAY

Wooyoung’s Thanks to:
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Grandmother, grandmother on mum’s side, Parents, noona who I love, My loveable friends Mangi, Youngjun, Jaebong, Uiyoon, Baekgeum, Eunkyung, Sunah, Haejoo, Gaeun, Heesung, Yonghun, Hyowon, Soyeon, Heerim and Ian who i miss. Jinyoung hyun who i respect always, CEO Jungwook, Byungsang Bongboo boss, our big hyung! Jo hyesung director, congratulations on your marriage~ Byunggi hyung, Haengnim~^^ Bongwon hyung, Hana noona who gets prettier every day, Lets get closer^^ Junsu hyung, Kim hwanggon team leader, Show me your dance skills~ Namdon Hyung, Fighting! Jonggyu hyung, cf~ keke Jaeho hyung, I love you~

Sunghee noona, make a boyfriend! Soojung noona, Myunghwa noona and Rayoung noona k, Let’s do well heh Haejun hyung, hehe^^ Yoohee noona, Lets become closer~ Haein noona, Yongkwon hyung, I miss you~ Jiho hyung, be forever happy^^ Jungmin hyung, Hyung~ teach me acting keke Chungeun hyung, youre a big jjang ke Younggul hyung, hyung~ buy me a glass^^ Jooseob hyung, Reliable ke Sanghee noona, are you eating well~?? ㅜJincheol hyung, Dont go anywhere but stay next to us!! keke Minjae hyung, I believe you hyung! ke Seungyeol hyung, you do a very good job. Heewon noona, do you lose weight as the days go by? keke Eunok noona, Jooyeon noona, Haengnim~ I really love you♡ Namyoung hyung, and noona too♡ Hwayoung noona, Wookyung noona, lets go!! ke

Jieun noona, Jooyoung noona, i will let a jackpot explode kekeke Jisang hyung, Jongsoo hyung, Whens our lesson? ke Eunji noona, Your charm is overflowing~ Changdae hyung, Tommy, Eunsoo hyung, Jiyoung noona, Jungoo hyung, Hyunkyung noona, Youngjoo noona, Seungran noona, Jihyung noona, Kijae hyung, Jung Sangwon team leader, Hyojung noona, Youngjoo noona, Eunkyung noona, Jaesuh hyung, Myunghan hyung, I miss you Woosuk hyung, Ahn Jinyoung yung, you are well right? heh Myungsoo hyung, Hoyoon hyung, how are you these days? Jane noona, Doosun hyung,Chulwoon hyung who i missㅜ, Jo Ilgeumsshi, Yoomyo hyung who I miss, Jangyeon sshi, Hows lunch today? ke Doo Hyunsoo team leader, thank you for your card heh Boram hyung, Bongwoon hyung, Haeho hyung, Sunmi noona, Haeun noona, Hoongyu hyung who is like our vitamin, Teacher~ let’s go and sing ke
Song Yoomi teacher, the cool and loyal men T.I.P Crew Kim Taewan director, Daegyoon hyung, Minsoo hyung, Sangmin Hyung, Jungwon hyung, Jaemin hyung, Kihyun hyung, Kyungshik hyung, Rambo hyung, Gaemi hyung, Spring hyung, Seulee, Seulgi, Youngbin, Youngbo, Chulhwan, Hyungyu, Geunmin ke B-Boy Donggyu hyung, Hyuho hyung, Changhoon hyung, Kyungbae hyung, Heejun, Donghwi hyung, Jang Jahyung director who gets handsomer by day, lovely Jun Eunyoung director, Our angle Junho hyung who is like my brother, i want to learn designing~

Gong director, Lovely and pretty Hyungshim noona, Youngho noona, Myungok noona, Ara noona, Sunhwa noona, Hana noona, Jiyeon, We need conversations keke Yuri director, Sooyeon noona, Jiyoon noona, Jiyoung noona, Hyunsook noona, Heewon noona, i miss you seungwoo hyung, angel voice Hwajung noona, charming hehe Shinyoung noona, kind and kind Taeyeon, cute and cute sulli, we are besties keke Hyomin, always supporting you! Hwaiting! Daejin hyung, Hello^^ Lee Eungbok director, Boss Han Bongsoo who gave us precious memories, Kim Suhrong director who i respect sincerly, Soobong hyung, Sungtak hyung, Kyungyeol hyung, Jaehong hyung, Hyungwoong hyung and crazy dance team noona’s who let our concert shine, JYP Family 2AM, Wondergirls, Miss A, JOo, Soyoung, San E hyung who I love and my most precious Junsu hyung, taecyeon hyung, Khun hyung, Junho, Chansung thank you so much. I love Hottest^^

Chansung’s Thanks to:
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First of all, my parents and my hyung who endlessly gives me strength and supports me…Any my family I thank you and love you so much. And Jinyoung-i hyung who have taught me so many things! Thank you very much^^ And President Jungwook! I really like your neighbourhood-ajeossi sort of force keke. And Vice President Byun Sangbong! I’m always comforted by your friendly facial expressions ke^^ And Director Jo! Thanks for your hard work in many ways T_T..Fighting!, Jungmin-i hyung I’ll call you sometimes ^^ke And Younggeol-i hyung! We don’t see each other much T_T Juseob-i hyung! Seems like I’ve spent such a long time with you keke^^ Jincheori hyung! Are you doing well T_T I miss you T_T. Sanghee nuna! We’re spending time together often these days keke, Minjae hyung! You are destined to be with us forever keke And Seungryeol-i hyung! It’s gonna be hard for the first half so fighting!

Eunok nuna! We’ll take care of the piggy bank keke Fighting for you too Heewon nuna!keke Jo PD-nim it’s hard editing right T_T? Fighting! ke And Myunghwa nuna! Your monitoring and Leal 2PM is really Leal kekekeke, And Sangwon-i hyung Boram-i hyung! Hyojung nuna Yunju nuna Youngju nuna Eungyung nuna! Fighting! Aja aja!! And our composer hyungnims keke Jongsu hyung! I seem to say everything including things I should say and shouldn’t say keke And Jisang-i hyung! Your song is so good keke Again Changdae hyung! Your songs seem to be a frequent visitor on our albums keke^^And Eunji nuna! Please teach me the piano T_T And Tami-nim..?Ssi…?Huung…? Anyways we’re not close just yet so I don’t know what to call you but thanks for the awesome songs^^ And Bongwon-i hyung! keke You’re so awesome when you play the guitar!! keke!! And Noh Junsu hyung! Fighting for working on us T_T Thank you!! Ah and Namyong-i hyung! I think your choreographs are always the best keke^^Only you can make our choreography keke^^ And Hwayoung nuna! I become happy whenever I see you keke^^ And Subong-i hyung Sungtak-i hyung Jaehong-i hyung Kyungryeol-i hyung Hyungwoong-i hyung our concert shined even more thanks to you guys!!!

And thank you to the nunas of Crazy Cance team!! I promised to go practice with TIP Crew hyungnims but I couldn’t T_T I promise to go and practice together! keukeu^^ And our companies pretty nunims! Sunghee nuna Sujeong nuna Rayoung nuna Yuhee nuna Hyein nuna and our awesome hyungnims! Jonggyu hyung Yoon Jaeho yung Jeong Haejun hyung Team Leader Kim Hwanggon!!keke Ah and Byungki hyung! I don’t hate you hyung T_T I really like you!! ke Hana nuna! Fighting!! Jieun nuna! I’ll ask some Japanese when I see you keke And New Development Team nunas and hyungnims! Always fighting ^^!!… And Hyungsim nuna of YangYang Salon! Nobody can follow your charisma keke Youngho nuna! Your laughter is like an energiser when we are tired keke^^, Myungok nuna! Your diet will succeed!!!ke Ara nuna! I’ll put you in charge of my hair more often! Hanna nuna! Thanks to you too! keke Thanks to Jiyeon for all your hard work even when you’re tired as well keke^^ Thanks to Sunhwa nuna too!!ke^^

And now for Powerhouse!ke Yura nuna! I thank you for coping with us with a big heart!keke Suyeon nuna!! I won’t reveal your identity just yet keke Jiyun nuna! It’s hard going back and forth right T_T?Fighting! Hwewon nuna! Your nasally voice is;;..keke Hard work from Jiyoung nuna too keke!! And Lee Jeonho hyungnim who has created our album to be awesome again without exception!keke Thank you ! And thanks for your hard work Director Gong Minseon!! keke And Director Jang Jaehyuk too! Thank you so much for filming our MV so awesomely! And Jinho yung! Jinho hyung who takes care of our body keke I’m always thankful! But when are you gonna get your license..keke Jonghyuk-i hyung! I want to exercise with you T_Tkeke Youngwook-i hyung! Thanks for taking care of me like a younger brother!ke Sujin nuna!! Nuna you seem like a real health trainer now!! ke Ah and thanks to Body Space hyungnims!!kekeke^^

Finally! Our 2AM!!!!! Our real brothers who don’t share blood!!kekekeke Firstly, Changmin-i hyung! Eating Club still exists kekeke? Let’s get together soon.. I think our first meet up will be in Thailand this time kekeke.. Seulong-i hyung! I really feel like a part of me is following your traces keke And Kwon-a!! There’s no one like you who receives love from everyone!!keke^^ Because you’re really really lovable keke? And lastly Jinwoon-a!! Our Jinwoon is really a dongsaeng who has nothing he cannot do! I’m so happy that you’re beside me keke!! And Wonder Girrrls~~keke Yubin nuna! Since we can’t see much because you’re go back to America so often ke But funny enough I don’t feel distance with you whenever we see eachother..keke And Sunye-ya! I’m reading the emails you sent me!keke Thank you^^ke

Yeeun-ah! Our NamMi couple kekeke Let’s play again when you come to Korea keke^^ And Sohee-ya! You’re doing well right ^^? keke Hyerim-a! Are you doing well too..^^? keke Ah and Sunmi-ya! I’m happy that you look bright these days ke San-E hyung! I’m going to learn rap from you later hyung keukeu and Joo-ya~ Don’t go hard on your diet so much..T_T I’m always supporting you keke Soyoung are you having fun with your individual activities Soyoung always fighting! Lastly Miss A!! Fei nuna! It was a little awkward to call you nuna at first but now it’s OK!!keke And Meong-Jjia! Your hair actually kinda suits you well! It’s good keke^^ And Minyoung-a! You share similar DNAs with Kwon-i..keke Want to play tricks on you whenever I see you kekeke Lastly Suzy-ya! Hope you’re injured foot is OK!ke And my friends Minbong Hyunwoo Sungkyu Joooni Haneul!! Thanks for supporting always!^^keke And Mirim nuna! Thanks to you too!keke^^

And Hottests who have been with us through the good times and the bad times like an old friend! There’s only going to be good things ahead of us! I’m really thankful and love you^^ And lastly for real Junsu hyung Taecyeon-i hyung Khunnie hyung Wooyoung-i Junho and I.. We will beat every hardship that may arise if we trust and stick to each other, all 6 of us. I can only say things like this here ‘cos it’s too tingling kekeke Love you 2PM!!

Junho’s Thanks to: (LOL)
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Thank you Lord who always listens to my prayers. My family and friends whom I love. JYP family, Jinyoung-i hyung, President Jungwook, Director Jo Haesung, Vice President Byun Sangbong, 2AM, Wonder Girls, JOO, Miss A, San-E hyung let’s light up JYP with strength! All the staff members who used strength and worked hard for this opportunity. I feel a lot more pressure but equally feel excited as we progress through our albums. I will always be a person who can show good music and good image, and someone who everyone can relate to. I thank Hottest who will be with us till the last moment. And our 2PM members Taecyeon-i hyung, Khunnie hyung, Junsu hyung, Wooyoung-i, Chansung-i and myself, Junho. May we go till the end as one, no matter what kind of darkness arises..

fy2pmtranslations@tumblr: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
all translations by Junho0125, taecyeon1227 and shmesmx3
pictures submitted by anon @ tumblr
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