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BoA's heading to Hollywood in January

We reported some time ago that BoA was starring in an upcoming U.S. dance flick directed by Duane Adler and produced by Robert Cort.

According to recent news, BoA has been preparing for the film with an acting coach and will begin filming early next year. BoA addressed that she is most concerned about the delivery of her lines and the choreography.

Acting isn't new to BoA. She has made an guest-appearance on the Korean sitcom Golbaengi (Korean Snail) in 2000, voice acting for the Japanese and Korean version of "Over the Hedge", and will make a special appearance in the upcoming Korean drama "ATHENA: Goddess of War".

BoA also plans to release another Japanese single before heading back over to the U.S., as well as holding the X'mas” LIVE 2010 concert in Tokyo, Japan, on December 20th and 21st.

source: + soompi + boajjang

also not mentioned, but according to a fan account, BoA said that she would be attending all three gayo daejuns at the end of this year. :)
Tags: boa, drama, movie

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