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Fandoms eat Music Bank results, netizens cry moar

Ga-In's loss on music programs spark criticisms on manipulated results, unreasonable standards

Ga-In's recent defeat by 2PM on KBS's 'Music Bank' has sparked a heated debate amongst netizens and industry representatives alike. The 'Irreversible' singer had already suffered a loss on Mnet's 'M Countdown' due to their unclear voting standards, as well as their restrictive system of voting (qualifying votes are made through me2day or Twitter only).

Many have already predicted her loss on 'Music Bank' as well, since the program seems to cater to artists with larger fandoms.

Ga-in had a considerable lead in every category except for 'album sales', causing netizens to discuss the low result heatedly on online message portals. Scathing comments were left, such as, 'This was manipulated. JYPE bought back their own albums in order to give the win to 2PM', 'It's such a disappointment that a group won just because of blind album sales and not because of talent', and 'This is why the state of our music industry is such a mess.'

Part of the blame landed upon Ga-In's agency, Nega Network, in being too careful with her promotion cycle. Nega Network did not predict that Ga-in's solo efforts would be particularly fruitful, since Narsha's solo debut achieved little on the music charts despite garnering much praise for her vocal talent.

Consequently, the agency produced only 10,000 copies of Ga-In's album. Yet they failed to factor in Ga-In's popularity from her 'We Got Married' status, as she received an immense amount of support from both her fanbase and the fanbase of her 'husband' Jo Kwon. In any case, the situation reached a point where even if fans wanted to purchase the album, there were no albums to be sold, causing a considerable drop in her album sales score on music program rankings.

Many representatives also criticized 'Music Bank' for their biased points setup. The system is set up in such a way that only the artists with the largest fanbases can win on the show. This is a substantial issue, as album sales are reflected twice as high, in comparison to other categories. Unfortunately, their setup has caused their own name to be tarnished for failing to award Ga-In. 2PM fans also received backlash for buying an excessive amount of extra albums with their recent $150,000 USD bulk purchase, thereby distorting the results.

Netizens have been pooling their support for Ga-In, and are hoping to see her win on 'Inkigayo' with tears of joy alongside her husband.

Lazysauce: Mediaus / allkpoop

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