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IU's new message in her fan cafe - New album and recent photo shoots

On my way to recording~

IU 2010.10.22. 15:36
Hello everyone~~~ It's been a long time again, yeah?

Today is a school-free day!!! (Yes!! So excited! kkkkkkk~ Tomorrow is Saturday! Oh yeahh!! And the day after that is Sunday!!)

I had a nap and woke up just then~ kk Now I'm slowly eating, and on my way to recording~^^

Isn't it such wonderful news?? Recordng! RECORDING!! kk I guess the new albums gonna be out soon~ I feel sorry for the person who was expecting it sooner... But it'll be released before the end of this year~ The interesting fact I have for you is that the song I’m recording today is the album’s first song!! kkk~ sorry to those who thought that we were in its final stages…

It was due to the reason that I’ve been choosing the songs really carefully so.. Please understand… ~ kkk are you disappointed? But it’s better than creating an album that is ‘sloppy’(?) cos it was rushed… yeahh?? ^^

Ahh… Since it’s the first song, I’m really looking forward to it!! kkkkkk It’s my first album recording in AGES!!!!! To be honest- when I was recording “It’s You”, I missed recording for my album.. T.T I’ll try my best today!! Ajah ajah!!

I hope that… with me featuring in Vogue Girl, Elle Girl, and Singles, this message would be consolation for people who got a bit of a shock from the pictures in the magazines~ pictures are just mere pictures~ IU didn’t change at all~ please don’t worry~ kkkk I’ve gotten quite a few criticisms, but it also made me feel like you guys treasure me the way I am~? ^^

I’ll try not to use that kind of clothing? Pose? Expressions? Mouth formations…..? kkkkkkkkkk~ You guys and I really like natural styles the most yeahh~ kk

I once saw a comment by a netizen saying “We need to make a mannequin/stuffing of IU before she changes” kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

I wish I saw more comments saying stuff like “oh well.. it was a great photo shoot and you looked really pretty “ or something.. But I’m pretty satisfied with the other comments kk

Even during the photo shoot, since it was the first time wearing those kind of clothes, I was thinking to myself “What am I doing in these clothes…?”~ All in all- I had a ton of fun~~

I had a LOT of fun at the photo shoot~ and I learnt a lot from the producers there and they treated me really well too~!

Since everyone seems to be concerned~ My new album concept and the photo shoot concepts are two entirely different things~ kk Everybody’s being too overprotective of me~ Like parents and older siblings… kkk but my mum reckons that the change is good in a way~

But it’s only my mum being so relaxed about it ehh?
Oopsies, I’ve been talking for too long… Time to go noww^^ Byebye~!

Source: IU's daum cafe
Translated by koreanPUFF @ weheartiu.com
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