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Se7en chose girlfriend over fans?

It’s been confirmed that Se7en will be taking part in a photoshoot for the ‘Singles’ magazine with Park Han Byul. He will be leaving for San Francisco for the photoshoot somewhere around his birthday.

Now, when this news surfaced today, there was more commotion on farineli (his fancafe). Some ppl said is it because he wanted to go on a trip with his gf that he’s not having a birthday party.. some went as far as to say that he is choosing his gf over fans… In one of the posts however, Se7en left a message to clear up the situation.

아…. 왜 매번 해명글쓰러 팬카페에 와야하는지ㅠㅠ 싱글즈잡지 박한별씨와 화보촬영하는거 맞습니다. 사실 원래 암고잉크레이지 뮤직비디오와 동시에 기획이되어 진행하려 했던일인데 그당시 제 스케줄이 바빠 뮤직비디오만 찍고 화보촬영은 하지못했습니다. 이미 기획되었던일이라 제 활동이 끝나는대로 해주기로 약속을 하여 진행을하는것입니다. 그리고 올해 생일파티나 단독콘서트 등은 처음부터 계획에 없었습니다. 화보촬영때문에 다른중요한 일들을 못하는것이아니라 생파,단콘등의 일정이 없었기때문에 화보촬영을 진행하는것입니다. 오해 없으시길바래요.. 그리고 나 파넬 눈팅 매일하는거 알고들있잖아요…휴… 제발 말들좀…ㅠㅠ

Translation: Ah.. why do I have to come to the fan cafe everytime to leave an explanation msg to clear up the misunderstanding TT It is true that I will be part of a photoshoot for the Singles magazine with Park Han Byul ssi. Actually this was planned to take place at the same time as the “I’m going crazy’ MV but because I had a busy schedule then, only the MV was filmed and the photoshoot could not go ahead. Because it was something which was planned already, I promised to do it at the end of my promotional activities. Also, there were no plans from the beginning for a birthday party or solo concert. It is not because of this photoshoot that I cannot do other important things, it is because there are no plans for a birthday party or concert that I am doing this photoshoot. I hope there are no misunderstandings… And… everyone knows that I come here everyday to read the posts right?… Whew… Please [watch] your words… TT

T/N: Good luck to those living in San Francisco! Hope you guys manage to catch him somehow!!

Source: ceciliase7en.wordpress.com 
Note: Link to the individual post is on private mode but it's the first post on the homepage (as linked) ^^
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