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TOP interview in U-Weekly Magazine

BIGBANG’s T.O.P is Always Improving!

Everyone knows about BIGBANG’s early Solo Careers , and are developing rapidly in the entertainment industry.

G-Dragon and Taeyang seperately released their solo albums and . T.O.P has been acting in 2 shows – in 2009 a Telecinema KBS and in this year’s '71 Into The Fire' where over 200000 tickets were sold. T.O.P is acting as the lead role with the film’s 3 other actors. While acting, it is obvious that they have a potential for acting.

T.O.P, who is turning 23 in November, he expresses that during filming, he is grateful towards the other actor hyungs for their support, which helped his filming to be successful.

“Every night in the hotel, I am receiving many pointers and tips from my seniors and the director. I am very happy that I can get along well with them. When filming the 17-year old Jang Bum, I either fall asleep or will have nightmares. (Someone who I dont know his name) told me that a ‘good actor is one who can get into the character’s personality very well during filming, and after filming to be himself again’ .Although at that point of time I am unable to grasp the meaning of what he said.”

Expressing his gratitude for the members of BIGBANG’s forgiveness. Besides Thanking his seniors and director for taking care of him, T.O.P also thanks the member of BIGBANG for their understanding.

“Everytime I go back to Japan to unite with them, they will forgive and understand what I am going through, and I am very grateful for that. They will always tell me that I am too sensitive at times, and tell me that I go too far, and that everytime I have new plans, I am too engrossed with it. At first I did not wish to show my weakness to the other members , but its almost impossible, because we are just like family."

While acting in '71 into the fire', T.O.P became too ‘into’ the movie character until he went into depression.

“This movie has many characters, from the beginning, catching my attention from the start…. During filming, because I am too ‘into’ the role in the movie, I will start getting depressed. I spend so much time that I forget about reality, and forget about myself, and hence frequently spending time alone, and also always get into a nervous state. During the period of the battlefield scene’s filming, I am unable to sleep, and always end up being blank. At that point of time, everytime I think of the battlefield scene, I will be traumatised by it.”

T.O.P expresses that since he isn’t a person who plans for his future , his only wish is to be different from everyone else, and hopes to bring new things in and improve for everyone else.

“I hope that for each thing I do, there will be a new feel to it,and i dont wish to be classified under ‘this is just T.O.P’ , If for everything you have to see the same T.O.P , i believe that you will feel bored eventually. That is why, for every role I act as, I hope that it is a totally new role , just like me changing into a monster. Regardless of being in the music or acting industry, I hope that every thing that I do will be interesting, with a totally new feeling to it, earning everybody’s support."

(Translated | scanned: Sally)

This is the first time I've read him say he was depressed even though he's talked about his insomnia previously. I'm glad he had the boys there to help him through it. Most importantly, he seems happy now and Bingu TOP is making a return

Sources: ibigbang
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