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Shinhwa leader Eric Mun to have his return on the 30th

Eric, leader of the longest lasting KPOP idol group, Shinhwa, is scheduled to be discharged on the 30th, and the Korean media is on its toes eagerly awaiting his return.

During the height of his activities, Eric featured in commercials for Domino's Pizza, Coke Zero, AnyCall, Spam, Hyundai, GooGoo Cone, It'sSkin cosmetics, Binch cookies, various clothing lines, and more

Eric was also recognized as a talented actor through his roles in "Fire Bird" (aka BulSae or Phoenix), "Wolf," and "Super Rookie."

Eric enlisted on October 9, 2008 as a civil service worker after his exemption from active duty due to his back injury during his filming of "Wolf." He was the first member to serve, and fellow member Kim DongWan followed soon thereafter.

It has been rumored that Eric will make an immediate return to the media through drama "Poseidon." This is still unconfirmed, but Eric's representatives have verified that many acting offers have already been made.

Come back soon, Mr. Mun. Your fans miss you.

Sr : dkpopnews + soompi

it's D-4!!
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