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Dalmatian, Y U NO LYK MANAGER?

They’re truly beastly idols. Even their name is Dalmatian. Last month, the 6-member male group Dalmatian (Inati, Jisu, Drama, Youngwon, Day Day, & Dari) released their digital single ‘Round One’ on the 1st of last month. Like a Dalmatian that is loyal to its owner, they named their team with the meaning of being loyal to their music productivity. The sincerity of the members must have appealed to the public because within one month of their debut, they’ve gained popularity. “Now our ‘Round One’ has begun. Before we enter the final round, we want to place 1st to. Please look forward to us.”

-We heard that the members promote the group themselves. Do you not have a manager?

“We originally had a manager. But the members caused too much trouble so the manager couldn’t handle it and quit. From then on, we get schedules ourselves and promote our album ourselves. Because we’re rookies, we think it’s best to let ourselves be known so the members decided to get involved in promoting.” (Jisu)

-How did Dalmatian form?

“I was a member of the hip hop group People Crew before. Due to brain hemorrhage during promotions, I fainted and our representative of our company said that if I wake up, he would make me a team and place me as the center. As soon as I left the hospital, our rep kept his promise by gathering members. After 2-3 years of practice, Dalmatian was finally formed.” (Inati)

-Member Day Day was known for being a rap teacher for JYPE?

“I taught rap for Wonder Girls, Miss A, Secret, and others during their trainee days. I also featured in Lee Hyori’s ‘Shall We Dance’ and ‘Straight Up’ of her 2nd album. Aside from her, I also featured in many artists’ songs like Wheesung, Ivy, Son Dambi, and moer. I know that my age being 28 and making a debut is really late but I wanted to stand on stage as an artist.” (Day Day)

-The music industry is flooded with idol groups. What is Dalmatian’s secret weapon?

“All of our members have skills. Day Day was formerly a rap teacher so there’s no need to explain further in that. Jisu was going in as a music major but wanted to become a singer so he sent in his demo tape to the company and got in. Youngwon has outstanding looks but his dancing is great also. Dari is known to rap well since long ago. Drama let his name be known before our debut by singing in the UCC videos with our sunbae Yang Yoseob of BEAST.” (Inati)

-What are the standards do you think of artists being able to gain love from fans?

“When we first released an album through People Crew, I thought I would become a star instantly by the next morning. However, that didn’t happen. Honestly, I still don’t know to this day in how to gain popularity. All I hope is that we can make the public cry with good music. Maybe if we put our sincerity in our music, then fans will appreciate it.” (Inati)

-Your final goal as an artist?

“We want to become an icon in this generation. Also, we want to place 1st.” (Youngwon)

-Which idol group to you consider as your rivals or are envious of?

“It’s hard to choose one group. Lately, idols are making debuts after spending plenty of time in being a trainee, thus they’re all skilled. We just want to be like our sunbaenims god by being an artist that is comfortable like next door oppas and a friend.” (Day Day)

-Your future plans?

“We will always be humble and be loyal while engaging in music activities. Dalmatian doggy dog woof woof woof. Please give us lots of love.” (Drama)

Source: IS PLUS

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