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Onew's fans donates 1.44 tons of rice to North Korean children to show their support for his musical

Idol Group member SHINee's Onew donates 1.44 tons of Dreame Rice to North Korean Children.

Dreame's Representative said "The 1.44 ton of rice that SHINee's Onew donated on the 16th to help the North Korean children was delivered to the Incheon bonded warehouse today."

In order to support Onew who is appearing in the musical "Rock of Ages," Onew's fans had donated the 1.44 tons of Dreame Rice. With the rice, flour, noodles, salt, cookies etc...prepared by the Child Development Program will be delivered to North Korea on the 22nd.

Onew had also donated 770kg of Dreame Rice to the Children in Need in South Korea last May when he was in the "Brothers are Brave" Musical.

Translation credits: sanbi
Original Article: bntnews.co.kr
Source: SFI

Aww him and his fans are just ♥
Tags: charity, onew, shinee
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