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GD loves Bom forever and ever amen

Big Bang fans, be sure to look for the October 26th broadcast of Mnet’s ‘2EN1 TV‘, as you get to hear a sample of Big Bang’s new song!

G-Dragon and 2NE1’s Park Bom was shown working away on a collaboration track. Park Bom repeatedly sang “Don’t go home baby~” in order to find the best voice, as G-Dragon took in the various sounds with a contemplative look.

As he watched her from outside the recording studio, G-Dragon commented, ”For any song, when Park Bom’s voice is added, it becomes a better song. It’s a great voice. If nuna doesn’t do it, our album can’t be released.”

In addition to the recording for Big Bang’s new song, the episode will show 2NE1’s recording story in London.

credits to akp

---- edited ----

its not subbed though, but when GD glances at bom kekeke~ you can see it everywhere, so I'm not gonna give timings cause a GBom shipper would know wahaha. FOR EXAMPLE 0:23 and 1:22 - sorry couldn't help myself... and when he smiles when she goes "mmm" hahahaha omg. ok sorry.

credits to lislmae at youtube

Once addicted, always addicted :D
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