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BEAST Concert TEASER EP.1 - 윤두준

Translation, thanks to yeocheon :

To the flight passengers of BEAST AIRLINE, for a enthusiastic/crazy voyage, we wish you to familiarize yourself with the following scenario.

During the flight, when one sees a hot and lively stage, one will start to feel the symptom of a tickling/tingling sensation in their body. If you start to feel this, place your two feet together, and start jumping.

Right then, if you raise one hand while jumping to the rhythm, the tickling/tingling sensation will go away faster. For those who find it hard to do by themselves, the attendants will endlessly shout, “Jump!” Whenever you hear this, we would like you to jump crazily.

Jump! Jump! I’m telling you to jump!

“Now…….2012, December 12: a cool journey with BEAST AIRLINE. We will welcome you aboard with the best of service.”

source: BEASTofficial

omg ;o; totally adorable/hot/cute dorks
Tags: concert, highlight

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