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Beast is not competing in 'University Music Festival', it will just be a congratulatory performance

[Newsen Bae Sunyoung Reporter]

Idol group BEAST’s management replied on the issue of BEAST participating in the ‘University Music Festival’, by commenting, “We believe there was a misunderstanding.”

From reported articles, it has been known that BEAST members Yoon Doojoon, Lee Kikwang, Jang Hyunseung, and Yong Junhyung will be competing in the ‘University Music Festival’ with a self-composed song. However, according to their management, it was just a congratulation stage performance that they had accepted due to request.

BEAST management stated, “Since BEAST is already an artist, they don’t meet the criteria, and BEAST will only be pariticipating because of the request from the ‘University Music Festival’ side to make a “self-composed” song as their theme song.” They added, “Also, because BEAST members are college students, they thought it was meaningful. However it won’t be a competition with the participants. It will just be a congratulation performance.”

Meanwhile, the “University Music Festival’ will be opening on the 26th of November.

S: Newsen + aoistars@B2ST Rising
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