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Oblivious Norway says: "JYJ are Kanye's new boytoys"

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Kanye's new boys
First, Kanye West expressed his fascination for the young boy Justin Bieber. Now he has made a song with the South Korean boyband-trio JYJ.

Kanye West is doing well these days. Not only is he of current interest because of his short movie Runaway, (probably) containing a soundtrack with samples of songs from his coming album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy," that is to be released on the 22nd of November.

He has also expressed his excitement over Justin Bieber, something that resulted in a Kanye- and Raekwon-assisted remix of the young boy's "Runaway Love". But the hyperactive rapper's addiction to collaboration isn't easily pacified. Now, he has done a collaboration with the South Korean boyband JYJ, who recently released their debut album, "The Beginning".

JYJ is named after the initials of the three singers in the group, Kim JaeJoong, Park YuChun and Kim JunSu, who have created furore in their homeland and in Japan since they started the band TVXQ in 2003. They took a new name after an argument with their management earlier this year, and has since then recieved American assistance, both form Kanye West and the producer Rodney "Darkchild" Jenkins, on their journey towards an expanded fancrowd.


I was really surprised and happy to see a norwegian article about Kpop, but NGL, this one made me lol. They twisted it to be about Kanye West more than JYJ.
I was too lazy to add the videos from the article, but I suppose you've seen it all before. If you want, you can just follow the link back to the original source.
BTW; I translated it myself so the English might be a bit iffy some places. Also, this is my first omona post so I bet I'm doing this wrong. >_>;;
EDIT: Okay so i made a typo while writing "Kin Jaejoong"'s name xD mistake now corrected!
Tags: fail, foreign celebrities, jaejoong, jyj, xia / kim junsu, yoochun

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