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younha and ah-in, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

What happened when Yoo Ah-in from Sungkyunkwan Scandal followed Younha back on twitter? Massive cuteness.

(tweets are in reverse chronological order, but translation is chronological)

younhaholic: gasp.......... gul oh sah..........hyung......followed ba..

seeksik: @younhaholic i'm a fan too youn'ha'-ssi haha

younhaholic: @seeksik omg...omg;;;! hello!!!!! i'm probably a bigger fan!!!!!!!!!!

seeksik: @younhaholic your voice singing 'seoul's skies all day~' was my room's bgm for a long time. it's an honor.

younhaholic: @seeksik wow really??? thank you! umm what to say.. i'll make more music that can move and touch you gul oh sah hyung! hongshiknim? sunbaenim? hwaiting!

seeksik: @younhaholic if we go any further people will cringe haha let's end our nice first meeting here and next time if we get the chance we'll have an old-fashioned proper conversation from start to finish sleep well

younhaholic: @seeksik ok i'll sleep well!!!!! good night m(._.)m

t/n: hongshik is his real name and gul oh is the name of his SKKS character. and the 'seoul's skies all day~' are lyrics to "seoul's skies are sunny all day" by TOY but sung by younha :)

sources: younha and yoo ah-in themselves, and their conversation thread
translation: [info]okdubu

how freaking cute are they? ........... i want to call them AHHA >________>
Tags: social media/youtube, younha

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