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KARA's ad revenue is 2bil. Impressed STAN is impressed

KARA, in just two months, advertising revenue hit 2 billion!
After debut in Japan, CF in both places are a big hit.. Including electronics, clothings, 4 contracts.

After a big success in Japan, Girl group Kara also had a big hit in advertising.

Recently, Kara signed advertising contracts in both Japan and Korea, which includes electronics, clothing, beverages. The amount of the contract currently is along the line of 5 billion won a year. Since debut in Japan on 11 August, money earned from advertising revenue has reached 2 billion.

Kara's agency DSP entertainment representative said, "After a good performance in Japan, Kara received a lot of attention from advertising agencies. We received a lot of advertising inquiries from overseas. Japan's advertising agencies also showed a lot of interests. We received inquiries from more than 20 companies.

According to one official that's responsible for overseas marketing, Kara has recently signed contract with Japan's famous consumer electronics. Kara is the first Korean girlgroup to sign advertising contract as model not with beauty products but electronic products. It is expected to have more advertising love call again at the time when second single to be released in Japan.

Official said,"Kara shows sophisticated image while on stage, outside the stage, Kara shows familiar(friendly) face which is what Japan's females "Wannabe star". Therefore, a lot of beauty products, cosmetics as well as clothings advertising agency show great interests.

Kara debut on August in Japan with first single "mister" and was up at #5 on Oricon single weekly chart, which was crown as first foreign girlgroup to hit top 10 within 30 years. Kara will release second single on 10 November, official(full) album to be released on 14 November as well as to start promoting activities.

Sports Hankook
Translated by aank1
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