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butthurt 13 year olds continue to be mature

Yesterday, we reported that actress Shin Se Kyung and SHINee’s Jonghyun were confirmed to be dating. Eventually, as many expected, various anti-cafes have sprung up across the internet.

It appears that the photos that confirmed the public of their relationship have shocked many of Jonghyun’s fans. Upon hearing the news fans have had opposing reactions with a few bad apples turning to terrorizing Shin Se Kyung in jealousy, leading to the closing of her Cyworld minihompy. While many others have shown a more mature attitude by encouraging one another to accept the stars’ personal lives.

Currently there are four anti-cafes on portal site Naver. In particular, the 1st Shin Se Kyung Anti-Cafe, which was formed in March, had a sudden increase in members upon the news of the couple’s relationship. This cafe displays a photo of Shin Se Kyung that has been scribbled on and states, ”Princess-syndrome Shin Se Kyung, acting as if she is pretty” and “Medicine to cure Shin Se Kyung of her princess-syndrome.”

Source: akp, bnt news

Photo: Screencap of the 1st Shin Se Kyung Anti-Cafe

I'm convinced she's a beard y'all. /delusional
Tags: jonghyun, shinee

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