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Interview with Song Chang Ui & Lee Sang Woo (Life Is Beautiful)

"We've been more serious than anyone else."

In Jeju island, actors Song Chang Ui (SCU) and Lee Sang Woo (LSW) who play as homosexual characters, Taesub and Kyungsoo who were humiliated by scene that was edited out and talked about how they needed to look serious and nowhere playful. Every scene, they needed to act very seriously about a topic that was quite hard to address in a weekend drama. They both agreed that it was possible because it was written by Kim Suhyun. On Oct 25th, they've filmed their last hug scene and we've asked them some 'sensitive' OX questions.

► Have you ever felt more than friends for each other?
These actors' answers were definitely not ordinary. We expected answer along the lines of "Acting is just acting" but LSW didn't beat around the bush and answered straightforward and said "Yes I've felt more before." He also said "I always get into the character, and I don't think I have the ability to tell the difference between acting and reality" and laughed.
SCU also chose O and said "Sometimes I felt that way, but whenever I'm not on the set, then I become myself again."

► If you were assigned another character?
SCU already had played a transexual character in Hedwig before. He said it's already his "second time" and he said "I look at the whole picture than my character only, so as long as it's a production I agree with, I'll do it" and picked O.
LSW also had a similar answer. "As long as it's not right after this, I'm pretty sure it's fine. As long as the viewers don't confuse facts with reality" and laughed.

► Were you ever disappointed by the parts that were edited you out?
SCU answered "I am fine with whatever the producer has to do, so I won't take it too personally. However, when the filming starts, lots of people put in time and energy. My disappointment comes from that" and chose O.
LSW also agreed "I act only because I believe in Kim Suhyun writer. It is always disappointing when a script is altered and scenes are edited out..." He also added, "If the scenes were edited out because of what viewers felt rather than because the scene was filmed poorly, then I'm worried about the story's and the actor’s rhythm may be messed up."

► If you had a little sister, then would you introduce them to each other?
* SCU does not have a little sibling and LSW has a little brother.
Even their last answer they answered O.
SCU answered "He's the kind of friend that I want to introduce to people. He has a quiet side but he is very gentle and truthful. Not only a little sister but I want to introduce him to people around me" and put both his thumbs up.
LSW couldn't hide his happiness after hearing this answer and said "I'll say it truthfully" and paused for a while. "If I didn't agree to this part then I would have regretted a lot. I've met SCU hyung first on the set and I really liked it. Very charismatic person." He added, "Unfortunately I don't have a little sister but I can introduce you to my little brother" and made SCU laugh with his joke.

The two actors both had a great time while filming "Life Is Beautiful." They claimed that it might take a while to get out of character.

Source: sportschosun.com
Translation: a13xl @ Soompi

Three episodes left... ;_______;
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