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4Minute was humiliated on Japan's TV Show

It had been announced that 4Minute had an appearance from a Japanese TV Show entitled: NTV PON this week. Unfortunately, because a lot of us, international fans, weren't able to watch the real situation from the show, we weren't able to see how the girls seemed to be humiliated and ignored on the said show.

In order to make a name on the Japanese market and promote their 3rd Japanese single: "FIRST/DREAMS COME TRUE," they appeared as guest performers at NTV PON. However, the rude treatment of the hosts of the show towards the girls were reported and was widely talked about on different internet sites.

It was reported that the girls only had more or less, 10 minutes of airtime during the whole show. Besides that, the girls can only be found at the background of the show and the hosts were merely ignoring them. It appeared like the purpose of actually promoting their single has not been shown. The cooking show scene proceeded with very less emphasis on the girls who were simply looking at the side of the hosts.

With this, Korean Netizens immediately showed their disappointment and reactions towards the humiliation that the show displayed towards the girls and expressed comfort for the girls. Some of them said:

"Just come back here in Korea and we'll give you more love here."

"Is this the proper treatment that idols with more than 2000 fans should receive?"

"They cut off the music in the middle of the dance to cook."

"Do they even have any common sense on what they have done?"

Reading through this may hurt a lot of us - 4Nias, knowing that despite of the girls' continuous hard work, they are not receiving the respect, attention and proper treatment that they deserve. Perhaps, what we could do now is to continue supporting them and hoping that their agency as well as the other labels that manages them could make a more "well-thought-out" plan for their overseas promotional activities.


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