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This is an H.O.T picture post!

October 31st was a busy day for four out of five of the ex-members of H.O.T. Although the youngest, Lee Jae Won, is still serving in the military, the other four were busy with their own individual activities.

Moon Hee Jun
Held a fan meet today, which around 1000 fans attended.
Pictures~Collapse )

Kang Ta
Attended and was the MC for the wedding of one of the managers in SME, the same wedding Yunho, Leeteuk and Zhoumi were spotted at.
Pictures~Collapse )

Tony An
Is currently in Japan, helping promote idol group SMASH whom he is managing and producing.
Pictures~Collapse )

Jang Woo Hyuk
Was spotted at Incheon airport on the 30th on his way back to China, where he held another show on the 31st.
Pictures~Collapse )

Credit: Dedicated to H.O.T
1, 2, 3, 4, 5

H.O.T will never be irrelevant ♥
Also wow I want Heejun's yellow hoodie so bad.
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