2:59 pm - 11/01/2010

Okcat was hospitalised + JYP family concert+funny fan accounts

"I came back from the hospital. I couldn't do starking recording.
I'll get better quickly and show you a better side thank you"

Apparently Taecyeon is unwell and was decided whether or not to go to the fansign but he refused to stay back and went to the fansign saying that their fans are waiting.

JYP Christmas Concert Revealed. Dec 24th
2010 JYP Family Concert
The performance we've been waiting for!
2PM, Wonder Girls and...?!
Time: 2010 12 24 7.30pm

Place: Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium
Ticketing will be open in the mid-November. Please expect lots.

One of our translators (2pmalways) read this account from a fansite and told us:

There was a 37 year old fan who went to fansign event yesterday

and when she was still talking to junsu
Wooyoung took her cd away and started signing but she wanted to get his sign on a photobook
so she wanted to stop him but somehow shouted at Wooyoung 'wait up ajeossi' [=uncle]

so there was like 10 sec silence between her and Wooyoung
Wooyoung was like 'ajeossi??' and she was like 'im so sorry sir'
She was too nervous to see Wooyoung
after that Wooyoung asked her name. She forgot her name lol
So she was like uhhhhhh
and Wooyoung asked her again "what's your name?"
and she said woo young woo young its wooyoung

and woo said " what???? your name is wooyoung?"and she said oh no.... "then what?"

She thought "omg what's my name"

Junsu was laughing his ass off seeing her
So she couldn'r remember her name and Wooyoung copied from other page

She asked Wooyoung to say 'don't get old nuna' so he said to her kk


This one is from Nichkhun.net


"You're so good looking, seeing you eye to eye, your face is so small, really good looking, jjang times 100 kkk..."
"..... Better than Khun?"
"Excuse me?"
"Better looking than Khun?" kkkk

.... Eh? Kh.. Khun? Did he ask that because he figured I was Khun's fan? If not, then just
joking? Words derived from formula "Good looking man = Khun"? Took me 0.12 seconds to
get lost in my thoughts and eventually I couldn't answer.

Seeing me lost in thoughts Junsu burst out laughing...

In the midst of all this he misspelled my name... But there was no time to fix it so
I went forward somewhat embarrassed hahahaha... That wasn't on purpose... right? haha... You're
really good looking hahahaha... sorry....


He looked somewhat in pain and tired, couldn't talk properly, I almost wanted to cry TT TT
I brought some gift snack and dried fruit I bought in Thailand, and then some aroma tea
from cold, I hope he like it.. heh heh

I had a bit of a cold myself and kept on answering with my hand covering my mouth and
turning head back and forth, so he couldn't hear my name well... and Khunnie kept on
saying "Yes? Yes? Can't hear well heh heh, looks like you've caught cold T..T
With that he then told me to take care of my health T_____T

Ah, my sanity... heh heh

Ah, also we did the handshake and his hand is somewhat small T___T Well, my hands
are rather big really but... heh heh Usually his hands look quite big, but they
are smaller than I thought T___T

Those hands are enough to cover his face T___T

Why are you hands so small T__T

I really said so, and he went: Ah, but I'm big myself, and he lifted his hands up to his chest in a cute way and my sanity left me again.

Sure, when he put his hands next to his face they did look big, ah my sanity bye bye~


kkkkk Ah, after seeing Khun my sanity left me, and even though I'm older than Junho,as I went to him, I kept on calling him "oppa oppa" like crazy kkkk

"Oppa, really sorry about today's Inkigayo, next week you'll surely get 1st place T..T
Really sorry T____T"
"kkkk It's ok, it's ok kkk"
"Oppa, during I'll be back when you sing and lift up your hand, way up your shoulder that's really sexy asjfadkjfhaljfhalkjdfhjh (continuous babbling) asfkjadfjhadjfhakj. Ah, right,
I'm a XX'er though..."

"I'm XX years old..."
"Ah, really?"
And then he added "nuna" next to my name ^.^ kkkk

Though that really wasn't necessary hhhh

So I walked further absolutely embarassed...


Chansung wrote down XX nuna immediately kkkkk Ah, eventually got called "nuna" just
by the two maknaes hhhhh Ah, also I gave him a gift from my friend.

Translator's Note: It's difficult to translate, but basically the person wrote that she didn't
talk to Chan much because 80% of the message was in her friend's gift. They'd rather Chansung
open it after the fansign, because the message was something like that "The bigger you are,
the bigger there's a possibility to get testicle cancer" & "If you eat lots of samgyeobsal
and butter, you become eunuch". There were also various pieces of advice written for
Chan and Khun there (her friend Chan/Khun fan), and she obviously forgot to tell Chan to
open it later, because eventually Chan died laughing at the fan sign...

trans by Egle@2pmalways , fy2pmtranslations
trans by  Egle @2pmalways pic cr : danjisoo , fanaccounts trans Jas&Egle@2pmalways

lydzi 1st-Nov-2010 03:09 pm (UTC)
That picture makes me feel oddly nauseous. I don't know how to properly react.

Also your attitude Taec is very brave but also very stupid. If people are waiting for me to approove or to marvel at how great he is because he's doing this for the fans, I just won't. I'm really beginning to side-eyed this all attitude within the idols and I believe that it's because fans marvel at how great this is that they keep doing it.
tasheila 1st-Nov-2010 03:15 pm (UTC)
tbh i think with taec he's like that because he's hellbent on proving his antis wrong and being as perfect and super human as possible. :/

i'm surprised it took this long for him to end up in the hospital considering how busy and hard this year was for him.
lydzi 1st-Nov-2010 03:21 pm (UTC)
Taec seems to be a very... idk... decent person. I always had that vibe from him despite everything that happened. But this picture... I don't like how it's manipulative. It probably isn't in his eyes but this is the cherry on top imo about all those idols who keep saying "I'm close to collapse but I'm still standing." (I'm side-eyeing almost everyone here sadly).

Fans should start to change their answers now. So it will have an impact or something. But this all creepy trend about sacrifice for the fans and the job has to stop. It's unealthy not to mention dangerous.
tasheila 1st-Nov-2010 03:33 pm (UTC)
definitely, yeah. it makes me kind of uncomfortable too. he's always been like this. the boys said during the drama there were times they wouldn't see him for days at a time, only at the music shows in the weekend because the whole week he was off shooting. and he was sleeping 1-2 hours.

anyway idk how his kfans are reacting (well i know seulong was ~distressed~ lol) but the ifans are very worried and they don't care about seeing him on tv as long as he gets to rest.
shoiryu 1st-Nov-2010 03:15 pm (UTC)
Companies are very, very pushy about idols making their schedules no matter what. It's really not about "impressing fans". It's about keeping management happy.
lydzi 1st-Nov-2010 03:16 pm (UTC)
I don't know which one is worst :/.
shoiryu 1st-Nov-2010 03:20 pm (UTC)
IDK. :/ I'm pretty vocally on the side of "the industry needs reform very badly" myself. Performing in general is a punishing, grueling career, and there's generally a lot less freedom to choose what to do with your health in the k-industry, as well as more pressure to just soldier on no matter what. The point of collapsing = the point at which you're considered sick enough to not be able to make it to a schedule, seems like. Work pressure is pretty intense in general, anyway -- I think a lot of people have been in that place where there's a demanding boss, and we know we have to take care of ourselves, but we push ourselves anyway because saying no, or staying out sick would cause more trouble. Just lots of factors. I've got nothing for compassion for idols -- it can really, really be a thankless job with very little autonomy. :(
lovekyu 1st-Nov-2010 04:35 pm (UTC)
idk, i really doubt that (as much as he may love his fans) he's itching to run back there with all those thingies in his arm. it's the company's doing, but people are quick to point the finger at him instead (not you tbh, but a lot of other kpop fans) because omg, it's taec!!!!1 and taec is evil!!!!
simplyobessed 1st-Nov-2010 06:27 pm (UTC)
Pretty much this. I feel bad for the dude, people(not talkin anyone in this post rn just antis etc..) always find reasons to hate on him. :(
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