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Throwing Away The Boys Image for Beastly Idol for #1

The Release of Mini Album ‘Shut Up!’ U-KISS

It was intended to become ‘bad guys’ from the beginning. The title track is called ‘Shut Up!’ Then, maknae Dongho who thought to be young shouts ‘Oppa hates you’. From the ‘Gangnam namja’ image in the prelude of ‘Man Man Ha Ni’, continuing through ‘Bingeul Bingeul’, ‘Mworago’, ‘Shut Up!’, and up to now to strongly give off a fairly male scent.

They exercised to build their abs, and they even went topless without hesitation for their music video. The 7-members group U-KISS (Alexander, Kevin, Eli, Kibum, Soohyun, Dongho, Kiseop) came out with swords firmly shoved in the 4th mini album.

The Released Mini-Album ‘Shut Up!’
Attempts with change in composers
December performances in Osaka and Tokyo

"Though it's just a mini album, but it also contains a 56 pages pictorial book. In a way, if you look at the album alone, it's not the same as our first album. It is made as eagerly as ‘Man Man Ha Ni’. There were also many changes."

The 4th mini album is considered to be the appropriate time to make changes in the team. They also parted from Brave Brothers for a while, the composer that has always worked together with them since their debut in 2008. They wanted to further strengthen their performances on stage by showing their matured appearances and the only certain color of U-KISS.

"I think that changes are always necessary in all groups. They did not want to be limited to one style only. Somehow if the composer is the same, it cannot be helped to have a similar style. Thus a daring decision was made."

For the album this time, they worked together with hit maker composers such as Kim Tae Hyun who composed Ivy ‘Sonata of Temptation’, After School ‘Bang!’ and T-ara ‘I Go Crazy Because of You’, Kim Tae Wan who created Rain ‘Love Song’, as well as PJ who composed IU ‘Marshmallow’. Overall, it remains based on electronic sounds but trying to change the melody or genre and putting more emphasis on performance factors.

"If Brave Brothers hyung’s style is the music that are suitable for the club, then (Kim) Tae Hyun hyung’s style is to show a strong performance's element. Originally, (Kim) Tae Wan hyung’s ‘Light It Up’ was the title track but it was changed immediately upon hearing Tae Hyun hyung’s ‘Shut Up’. Even during jacket's shooting too, the thoughts of changing to show a lot of things on stage came out without hesitation."

Changing the title track in a situation where there was not very much time left for the comeback was hard. However, barely sleeping, the members headed straight to the practice room unconditionally. Rather than the simple movements that was shown, the timing among the members must be synchronized correctly since it was a group dance. Thus, the members did not complained and had come together to practice hard.

"When the consciousness for clear goal arose in the short time, we came to like teamwork more. In addition, we also had fun while learning the dance. Of course, were very worried at first. All of the members were once seen to be pressed by nightmare."

After working hard for the comeback, their schedules are filled up till January next year. Along with domestic activities, they are doing a music program in Japan once a week. In December, fan-meetings and solo concerts will be held in Japan’s Osaka and Tokyo. There is a plan to release an album which contains the full version of this current album’s intro ‘Before Yesterday’ in next year January.

“We think of welcoming a warm winter while doing domestic activities eagerly. We also want to be active in overseas activities so as to live up to being an ‘International group’ that was made at the time when we debuted. Even though we haven't reached #1 under our name, that isn't the most necessary thing.”

A Bit Hit if You Don't See a Ghost

U-KISS's jinx is that their album doesn't seem to sell well if they see a ghost. Contrary to what Korean music industry believes, which seeing spirit in the studio means that the album will hit a jackpot. They encounter a ghost before, but didn't see any since 'Man Man Ha Ni', which resulted them to have a big hit. Therefore, they did not hope of seeing a ghost. They didn't want to encounter a bad luck later on.

"Eli was practicing so hard, he exercised even when he went to the toilet. He eventually slipped, which resulting a broken wrist. And Dongho had almost encountered a big trouble during the shooting of album jacket. He was up on the 2nd floor for his photoshoot when the floor broke and his foot fell through it. It was lucky that his butt was caught up by the floor, else, he would have had a serious injury."

Source: The Daily Focus + translation maral, micsummer, jaymie501 @rocketboxx
(Sorry mod for messing up the sourcing! >.<)

3 things U-Kiss must do:
1. Release 'Before Yesterday' full version
2. Promote 'Light It Up'
3. Stop seeing ghosts.
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