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[10.11.11] Do you know Kkot-nim?

Appearing in Love Mansae back then, (L-R) Park Kyung Rim, Kim Kkot-nim, Kim Dongwan. Photo courtesy of Park Kyung Rim.

In a recent interview with Star News, Park Kyung Rim showed us a photo she took with Kim Kkot Nim, the women’s university undergraduate who shot to fame after appearing in MBC’s “Love Mansae” in 2001.
Park Kyung Rim reminisced, “It was really fun filming ‘Love Mansae’ with friends my age. Kkot-nim even attended my wedding, where she once again met the guests who appeared on ‘Love Mansae’.
When asked who she’d pick out of the guests on the show (Sung Shi Kyung, Kim Dongwan, Lee Sung Jin), Park Kyung Rim replied, “Haha. I’d have picked Dongwan too.”
Born in 1981, Kim Kkot-nim was an undergraduate attending Ewha Women’s University when she appeared on ‘Love Mansae’, the pioneer in dating variety programs. On the show, young male stars Kim Dongwan, Sung Shi Kyung, Lee Sung Jin and Lee Ji Hoon vied for her affections through various couple challenges, and her eventual choice was Kim Dongwan.
After the show, Kim Kkot-nim was so burdened by the excess attention she was receiving and eventually changed her name to Kim So-won. She later took part in the news announcer auditions but unfortunately did not make the cut. She is currently working in a large research institute.

Credits: Star News + Absolut Shinhwa

Love Manseh 2001

source: snowwhite924

btw... 26 DAYS TILL KIM DONGWAN'S RETURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (12/07/10)

yall better help twitter trend this gorgeous man ಠ_ಠ
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