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OMNTD Featured Artist: Pink Elephant

Korean indie rock band Pink Elephant is formed in 2003. Influenced by US/British grunge/garage rock, they used to cover some playlists of the Libertines in earlier club gigs. Their self-titled debut album 'Pink Elephant' was released in October 2008 and their second album 'May Day' in May 2009. Pink Elephant played club gigs every weekend and were quite famous for Hongdae indie rock scene.

The band is made up of Ji-Won Park (bass), Seung-Taek Seo (guitar/vocals), Hyung-Jun Lim (guitar/vocals) and Wook-No Choi (drums).


Pink Elephant - Vol. 1 Pink Elephant (2008)
Released 26 September 2008

1. 1984
2. Goodday
3. 히치하이커
4. 피해망상증
5. 꽃이활짝피다
6. 낭만가
7. 고백법
8. 하이웨이
9. 어리다
10. 파라다이스

Pink Elephant - Vol. 2 Mayday (2009)
Released 18 May 2009

1. Mayday
2. 밀림
3. 회색신사
4. Romantic Tutu
5. Pink Lady
6. Romantic Tutu
7. 꽃이 활짝 피다
8. 낭만가 (Live At Veloso)
9. Hidden Track

Some of my favourite tracks from these guys:

Pink Elephant - Nang Man Ka (낭만가)

Pink Elephant - 1984 (live)

Pink Elephant - Romantic Tutu

The band's currently serving in the Korean army right now as part of the compulsory two years military service :( They should be back sometime next year though!

BUT in the meantime, you can find them on:
Club Cyworld
Naver FanCafe

sauce;, myspace, koreanpop blog, treekingdom31 @ YT, npCool6ix @ YT
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