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Kangta runs in torch relay for 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games

Hallyu star Kangta recently participated in the 2010 Asian Games Torch Relay‘ in front of a cheerful and supportive crowd in China.

On the morning of November 11th, Kangta was honored to receive the torch as the 95th runner, and ran about 100m from the entrance of the Guangzhou Institute of Technology.

Other torch runners included various popular Chinese artists such as Alan Tam, Eric Tsang, Lang Lang, and Charlene Choi.
After the completion of the torch relay, Kangta also participated in the Torch Relay Ceremony at the Guangdong Science Center, where he sang a short song called ‘Hold Hands‘ to pray for the successful hosting of the Asia Games in Guangzhou.

“I’m very pleased and honored that I was able to specially participate in the torch relay in Guangzhou. I’d like to thank all the Asia fans who have given their prayers, and I hope this year’s Asian Games can be completed smoothly and successfully”
, said Kangta during the ceremony speech.

Kangta is currently promoting in China for his latest album release.

Credit: Allkpop via SM Town @ Tumblr, Dedicated to H.O.T
A day late with this but he's my bias so w/e~
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