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Jaejoong effect: Nicole starts being a twitter whore too; ohh and she's fucking your oppas/unnies

When social butterflies of Kpop tweet each other: (Jaejoong's + Nicole's contact list = everyone relevant in kpop):

Yesterday (translations by karaholic): 
_911007 @ mjjeje:  "Shabu shabu smells like ~~~'-' Hoohoo Merong* ! (The face expression says that she is sorta holding in the urge to eat it.
* Shabu-shabu is japanese steamboat.  - benbenkr @ Kh for clairfication)

mjjeje @ _911007: Oppa goes to sleep now~ Try your best to learn Japanese

Today (basically jaejoong assumed "oppa" she was tweeting to was him even though she forgot the @name part):
_911007: 오빠 ~~ 요즘연락두안하셔 ~~ ㅋ

mjjeje @_911007 일본이니~?

(translations by tohosomnia)
Jaejoong talks to Nicole, and indirectly calls her fat while complimenting her mom's cooking (tohosomnia's note)
(Nicole) Oppa~~ You don't call me these days ~~ lol (7:47pm KST)

@_911007 Are you in Japan~? (7:50pm KST)

@mjjeje Yes!! keke You're still suffering from jet-lag ㅜㅜ Are you done with your bath (8:09pm KST)

@_911007 I feel like I'm going to die. My body's in a pretty bad condition,, I'm done with my bath and I finally feel a little sleepy^^ (8:11pm KST)

(Nicole) @mjjeje It's because you've been sweating in that bathtub. That feeling like you've just been blowing up a balloon really hard ..I really want to take a bath too, but I can't make myself stay in hot water for a long timeㅠㅠ keke What's the time difference between here and there, what time zone are you in? (8:24pm KST)

@_911007 Thirteen hours? Or is it eleven? (8:36pm KST)

@mjjeje So you're on the opposite side of the world.. A warm glass of milk ? keke If you put a little honey in it, it'll taste good ~~At least you can drink things like that!! (8:43pm KST)

@_911007 You guys can't eat much because you have to watch your figures, right,? Nicole, who likes to eat, must be suffering the most~ (8:46pm KST)

@mjjeje keke I used to eat a lot but now.. ㅜㅜ kekeke I couldn't eat sushi ㅠㅠ Oppa, you and I need to switch stomachs kekekeke (8:51pm KST)

@_911007 Your problem is that you eat too much. Conclusively, it means that your mom is too good at cooking~ (8:54pm KST)

Yesterday (translated by Karaholic):

Beast's Dongwoon (91'ers flirting like idiots, Nicole rarely does aegyo... you should be honored)
_911107 @ beastdw: Dongwoon ah ~~~ !!! hehe

beastdw @ _911007: Jung Nicole!! Are you staying at Korea?

_911007 @ beastdw: Song Dongwoon ! Nope! hehehe I'll come back to Korea next week

beastdw @ _911007: What is Song Dongwoon this time!! (Why you call me Song Dongwoon huh!!)

_911007 @ beastdw: I just call it by aegyo way (I just do aegyo) I wont do it again hehehe

beastdw @ _911007: Hehehe Hurry back!!!

_911007 @ beastdw: Hehehe I know ~~ I watched your teaser ~ Fighting!

beastdw @ _911007: I looks so cute there rite

_911007 @ beastdw: Hahaha You did dye your hair as well ~~

A'ST's Jangmoon (glad he found his way to Nicole)
innermostJM @ _911007: It seems you're real Nicole...

_911007 @ innermostJM: Hello oppa? Are you still doing well lately?

innermostJM @ _911007: Yub, of course. Where are you now?

MissA's Min
(wants to get in on the action so praises Nicole)
missA_min @ _911007: Cole ah, i really love your main photo.... +_+

_911007 @ missA_min: Hehehe It (little puppy) looks like me rite?!

Jewlery's Eunjung (secret secrets are no fun, when you don't share with everyone)
jewelry_jjung @ _911007: Nicole.....Comeback.....Hurry!!!!^^

_911007 @ jewelry_jjung: You're missing me to dead rite? But we can have some free talk now!^^ hehehe

jewelry_jjung @ _911007: Uh!!! I have something to talk to you when we meet~~~~~~~~~~~!! hehehehe

Relevant part of Hara's interview on TVguide Japan:
03. The member whom you want to consider as your lover?

[proof of their love]
[Twitter Translations by Yoo @ Karaholic. : 1 | 2 ]
Source and translation by Yoo: TVguide
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Source: [Jaejoong+Yoochun+Junsu+ Others' Twitter]
Translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net + ssunsett@tohosomnia.net + jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net

Nicole tweets 95% of the time about food. All these tweets to so many people (there are more to irrelevant peeps) are unexpected. Soo cute. No wonder Jinwoon is so buff (them arms), competing with all these people.... must be tough.
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