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GP Basic’s Janey barred from performing on music shows

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The youngest girl group to date, GP Basic, recently released their second single, “I’ll Be There,” on November 12th.

The six-member group previously debuted this past August with “Game“, and earned much attention for their young ages at the time of their debut. All of the girls, except one, were born in 1996 – Janey was born in 1998. The controversy is grounded in the youngest member, as Janey has been prohibited from performing on music shows due to new regulations passed recently.

The other members of the group naturally felt sympathetic for their fellow member, and decided to include a subtitle in the album, “To J“, as a message for the group’s maknae.

The group’s agency stated, “Because of the age restrictions on public broadcast music programs, Janey will not be able to promote with the group. The lyrics for ‘I’ll Be There’ depicts the members’ feelings in wanting to wait for their team’s maknae.”

GP Basic will also go on to promote in Japan starting this December as their agency’s representative expressed, “The reason we chose December is because most of the members are in junior high school. Since they will be on winter break, they can start promotions then.”

Source: AllKpop, Nate
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