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HyunAh wrote rap lyrics in 'Say You Love Me'

4minute HyunAh writing for the single 'Say You Love Me' became a hot topic. As we have seen the release on the 10th, it was also revealed that HyunAh has written the rap part in this collaborated song with G.Na, and has inserted her emotions into the words. The lyrics reached completion only after much hard work as the song was intended to be different from usual Hip Hop and R&B.

G.Na who has debuted with I'll Back Off So You Can Live and has all along been supported by HyunAh is one of the most popular singers this year. With her beautiful voice, she became the main act in Say You Love Me as part of the recent Cyworld music project, 'Together Forever Vol.1'.

G.Na's perfect singing skills and the smooth melody will no doubt excite the crowd this fall.

Tags: 4minute, g.na

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