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Massive Kara post: Music Station, Star Cards, Blessings from Goddess/Maknae

Kara to perform on Music Station Nov. 19th

Korean girl group KARA is receiving much love in Japan with both their Mister single KARA Best 2007-2010 album receiving Gold certification, surpassing the 100,000 sales mark.

The girls hope they have another hit on their hands with ‘Jumping’ and popular Japanese music program MUSIC STATION announced that KARA will perform ‘Jumping’ on their November 19th episode. In addition, MUSIC STATION announced that popular American artist Taylor Swift will also perform for the show on the same day.

Source: AKP, TV-asahi

This will be their second MuSta appearance after Mister, only three months into their Japanese debut. And lol Taylor Swift and Kara in one show, never thought that'd happen.

KARA releases special ‘Star Collection Card Vol. 1′

While dominating charts with their recent release, “Jumping,” and being cast for the Japanese drama “URAKARA,” KARA has released Vol. 1 of their ‘Star Collections Card’ merchandise.

Popular idol groups such as SNSD, SS501, and TVXQ have been releasing ’star cards’ lately, attracting fans with collectible hidden cuts and a variety of other fun images.

“This project was pre-planned before KARA’s entrance into the Japanese market, as their success was already determined. Their professional image was very impressive, and we hope that these star cards will receive much love in both countries,” said a representative from the production company.

This collection features 105 different pictures that showcase the unique charms of each member, and are divided into 7 different card sets. Fans can grab their sets on Gmarket.

~Bonus Twitter Pictures~

Perfect maknae takes selca

"kkangjii: TOKYO TOWER highest point(level)"

Goddess Gyuri more perfect than you'll ever be

"gyuri88: In the middle of Photo-shooting for Japanese Magazine" 

Goddess reads Camus?!?

"gyuri88: Back to hotel and now I'm having fun reading Etranger with iPad>_< I Should sometimes give my head/mind a little break, right?"

Star Cards Sources: AKP, Gmarket

Twitpic Sources: Jiyoung's Twitter, Gyuri's Twitter, aank1@karaholic for translations
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