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Behind the scene photos for Gmarket + Kim Sooro made daesung cry?

Source: bigbangupdates

Because of Kim Soo Ro, Big Bang’s Daesung shed tears.On November 15th, Daesung was on SBS’s new variety show, “Night After Night,” where the first episode was aired. This is the first show where Daesung is one of the MC for a variety show. Daesung didn’t seem like an idol because of his witty comments and funny actions.

Daesung said that he would examine the actor, Kim Soo Ro, and walked in with confidence. Like a lawyer, Daesung asked Kim Soo Ro many short but strong and good questions that left Kim Soo Ro sweating.

Daesung also revealed how Kim Soo Ro was able to get so many connections by watching with from afar from the time they worked together. Although Daesung asked a lot of good questions as a lawyer, Kim Soo Ro’s one comment brought Daesung down.

Shocked at Kim Soo Ro’s response, Daesung remained quiet for a while and his eyes became red as tears can be seen in his eyes. The atmosphere of the recording studio became very heavy.

The first episode will air on November 15th.

Source:  ibigbang

I doubt it's anything nasty?  I don't think Sooro would say anything mean to daesung..? Poor bb I'll lend you my shoulder.  Anyhow, does anyone agree that G-dragon's behind the scene photos look more natural? 

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