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Shinhwa reignited – Eric, Shin Hyesung, Kim Dongwan resume activities

Group Shinhwa, who went on a hiatus 3 years ago, is warming up once again.

With Eric’s enlistment, the group put a temporary stop to their activities and started their hiatus. Now, the members are once again resuming their activities bit by bit, and it shows their power and influence as Korea’s longest-running idol group.

Group activities are especially difficult to coordinate because the members are all under different management agencies. However, Kim Dongwan – who will be discharged from military service on 7 Dec – has just signed on to Liveworks Entertainment, which also manages fellow Shinhwa member Shin Hyesung. With “strength in numbers”, it seems that it will be easier for Shinhwa to function as a group.

After signing with Liveworks after his discharge on 7 Dec, Kim Dongwan will kick off his return with a fanmeeting and activities in Japan. There are also plans for him to also embark on other projects such as dramas.

Eric – who completed his military service last month – will also release a digital single with Shin Hyesung, a clear reminder of the existence of Shinhwa. The digital single “Hello and Goodbye” by Shin Hyesung and featuring Eric on rap, will be released on 19 Dec. To the fans, the collaboration between the two is a big event that is undoubtedly a display of the power of Shinhwa.

Eric has also taken up the lead role in the coast guard drama “Poseidon”, taking care to maintain Shinhwa’s reputation as the number one idol group with success in acting and entertainment.

There are still about 2 years to go before the Shinhwa members can reunite as a group. Lee Minwoo, the latest to enlist, has also started his duties as a public service officer in February this year.

A source close to Shinhwa said, “There’s still quite a long time to go before Andy, Junjin and Minwoo resume their showbiz activities. But Eric, Kim Dongwan and Shin Hyesung are resuming their activities first, and while they work hard to stay active within showbiz, people will once again start talking about Shinhwa. As Korea’s longest-running group, there are still many future projects being lined up for them.”

Credits: Osen + Absolut Shinhwa

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