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Game addiction gone bad

A 15 year old boy from Busan killed his mother after she complained about his game addiction. After the crime he commited suicide, his 12 year old sister found both of them. She told the press that her mother and her brother got into arguments often because of her brother's game addiction.

According to South-Korea's goverment the country counts around 2 million people who are addicted to games. At the beginning of the year a 32 year old man died after playing games for 5 days straight. A month after that the police arrested a couple whose baby almost starved* because they kept playing a game on the computer where they'd feed a baby virtually instead of feeding their real baby. 

The government announced a campaign against game addiction, next year a software will be release that will warn people when they go online for too long.

Source :
translation by me

Not sure if this is news worthy but =(

edit: *The baby actually starved to death : (credit to chromakey_dream for the link)
So sad T_T
Tags: culture, wtf

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