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KPOP introduction sites are ruining Korea's image?

from Chosun.com
translation credit rurqus

"I like Korean music, but I've grown to dislike Korea."

The recent overseas popularity of Korean music, known as KPOP, has come to a sudden stop. Most of the overseas internet sites that introduce KPOP have been pointed out as "hate and blame sites."

Specifically, the influx of news about our girl groups' expansions to Japan has domestic netizens and Hallyu fans voicing their worries loudly.

While it can be said that the internet has a significant impact on the increase of foreign fans' interests in Hallyu, the sites specializing in KPOP have been on the rise and recording high traffic.

However, not all of the information about Hallyu available through the internet is about KPOP. The site administrators and the netizens translate rumors and slander about Korean celebrities' personal lives without differentiating between the two. 'Celebrities' draft-dodging, foreign gambling, selling their bodies' are issues that come up week after week.

Searching AllKPop.com (http://www.allkpop.com) on October 7th, one female celebrity's webcam exposure incident took over the homepage, and a news article about a female singer-trainee in her teens selling her body followed in gigantic letters.

The foreigners left comments on the articles, saying "Korea is an underdeveloped country ruining human rights", "Netizens without common sense are brazenly going witchhunting", and expressed their negative responses.

Currently known for having over 10 million visitors, the site is also famous for their airshow display of 'Relive SMTown At AllKPOP.Com' with five planes this past October at the SMTown LA performance.

There is the explanation that this site and others like it could expand the Hallyu movement if they were to actively introduce more specialized KPOP information. On the other hand, there are opinions that the gossip articles related to the Korean entertainment world could trigger anti-Hallyu sentiments to foreigners and give them a negative image of Korea.

One domestic college netizen that visits these sites frequently voiced her doubts on the subject. "Gossip news is becoming information for them to belittle Korean celebrities. Especially JPOP (Japanese music) fans who feel shadowed by the recent popularity of KPOP and systematically post sensational news that only show the dark side of the Korean entertainment world."

There is also the opinion among other netizens that "The sensational articles are a problem, but the Korean entertainment world is lacking in its efforts to reform itself. Domestic entertainment management and the celebrities themselves should raise their own morals to conform with the rising standards of the Hallyu movement."
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