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[Cyworld interview] The original idols Shinhwa: The return of Shin Hyesung and Eric!

Although activities are important for groups
The teamwork between members is most important
Always talking things out and solving problems
Is how the team can keep on going for a long time

Hello to all the Cyworld members!

Hi everyone I’m Shin Hyesung. I’m releasing my digital single after such a long time,
And all of us are really happy about it. Though the weather’s turning colder, I hope everyone will have a warm winter while listening to my song.

Hello to all the Cyworld members, I’m Eric. It’s been a long time since I greeted everyone, glad to see you again.
The weather has turned a lot colder, I hope everyone will take care not to catch a cold and take care of your health.


Tell us about how you ended working together on this song and tell us more about your new song “Hello and Goodbye”

> Shin Hyesung
The release of the album coincided with Eric’s discharge from military service, so I suggested that we work together and he readily agreed to help me out, and that’s how we ended up collaborating on this project. Although he’s busy with various projects, he chose to work on the song first and I thank him for that.

This single “Hello and Goodbye” is written by composer Kim Geon Woo and lyricist Kang Eun Kyung. The song is about a sad love story that begins with “Hello” and ends with “Goodbye”, and is a medium tempo ballad. I feel that it’s a song that’s very suitable for the winter season. In addition, with Eric featuring on rap, the song becomes even better.

What Shin Hyesung and Eric have been up to during their hiatus

> Shin Hyesung
Because of the Japan concert in June and the Asia fanmeeting tour, I met many overseas fans from China, Taiwan, Thailand and other countries, and I also participated on the OST for the movie “The Invincible”. Lately I’ve been working on producing the digital single as well as the concert in December. I’ve also been recording for the 4th album due for release in January next year. With this digital single and the concert, I think Korean fans will be able to see me more often.

> Eric
As you know I’ve been serving my military duties as a public service officer and I was discharged just recently. I spent my spare time reading scripts for various projects. Now I’m in the midst of filming the drama “Poseidon” which will be aired early next year.

How do you feel about the idol groups currently active now and do you have any advice for them?

> Eric
Looking at the juniors, I think that they’re really very talented. They’re good at dance and singing, and idol groups have even extended their activities to dramas and variety. Of course activities are important, but I think teamwork between members is most important. Always talking things out and solving problems, that’s how a team can go on for a long time. I hope all of them can continue to be well-loved and become long-running groups, and not just stars who sparkle for a short while.

Tell us more about your upcoming plans.

> Shin Hyesung
First of all I’ll be releasing my digital single, and then hold a concert in December, I want to repay everyone who waited for such a long time by preparing a great concert. This concert has a slightly unusual meaning behind it. The concert venue this time is where I held my first fanmeeting and I wanted a concert where I can interact more closely with fans, which is why the concert is named “Close To You”. I hope for your participation and support. Next year I’ll also be releasing my 4th album, which I’m currently preparing for right now and I hope you’ll show a lot of support for that. Please also support the single “Hello and Goodbye”. Thank you.

> Eric
I’m currently in the midst of filming for “Poseison”, which is my first drama after my discharge from military service. To show my gratitude to the fans who have been waiting for me, I will do my best for the drama. Please watch out for it.

Which of Shin Hyesung’s songs does he want to recommend to Cyworld members?

Although I’d like to recommend all the songs that I’ve released so far, if I had to pick I’ll choose: “First Person” and “Island” from “The Beginning, New Days”; “Because It’s You” and “Love Actually” from “Live and Let Live”; and “Why Did You Call” from “Keep Leaves”.

Firstly, “First Person” featured a sampling of Bach’s “Air on the G String”, and is a track from the second album which seemed to resonate better with the masses. “Island” is a composition by composer Vink (Im Hyung Bin), and I remember liking the song very much the first time I heard it.. Because we can relate so well to each other musically, we’re very good partners. It is also through this song that we met for the first time. ^^

The next recommendation is “Because It’s You” from “Live and Let Live”.. This song is also written by Vink. Through this album I tried out various genres of songs, particularly Brit Rock which was different from my usual ballads, and showed a new side of me musically. This is what this song means to me. Also from the same album, “Love Actually” is not only written by Vink, but also featured him on the track as well. It’s a song that describes the excitement of meeting a girl whom you’ve fell for at first sight, and it has a very adorable feel to it. I personally like this song very much.

Lastly, I’d like to recommend “Why Did You Call”. Fans who like my ballads especially love this song… I still remember filming the MV in Sapporo with actress Lee Young Ah. Although filming was tough in the cold weather, but the music video was beautifully shot and suited the song very well. I hope everyone can take a listen to the song again, and rewatch the music video too.

The top 5 songs that Shin Hyesung likes to listen to

> Stevie Wonder – Part Time Lover
This is a famous song so many people should know this song, and I’ve liked listening to this song since I was young. I’ve rearranged the song with a funky beat for the concert and the response has been good. It’s hard to explain, it’s just a really great song

> Jason Mraz – Butterfly
Jason Mraz first got famous in Korea because his song was used in a commercial here. I myself started noticing him after hearing his song during the CF. Out of all the acoustic songs this song is the catchiest. Though it’s pop, when I listen to it, the melody has a lot of mass appeal and the arrangement has a funky rhythm to it, it’s a very upbeat song.

> David Foster – White Christmas
Although there have been many Christmas albums released so far, I’d like to recommend to everyone a song released in 1995, “White Christmas” by the respected musician David Foster. You can feel the warmth of Christmas even when you listen to it in summer, so it’s a song that is suitable for all 4 seasons.

> Blue Brand Trauma Part 2 Supreme Team – Because Of You (Feat. Soulman)
This is a song by Kim Geon Woo, who’s also behind “Hello and Goodbye”, and is featured on the project album “Blue Brand”. After hearing it by chance, I thought that it’s indeed a song by Kim Geon Woo. Vocalist Soulman’s charming voice is very addictive, and listening to this upbeat hiphop track in this cold weather it will be good to move your curled-up body to the beat.

> Yoo Jae Ha – Because I Love You
Someone you will think of when November comes along… It’s a really famous song that probably doesn’t require much introduction. When listening to this song does your heart become choked with emotion? Although many singers have covered this song before, I still think the original version is the best. It’s especially suitable for the fall season, while you’re waiting for winter to arrive.



Credits: Cyworld + Absolut Shinhwa 1
  2  3 + Choi Jae Hwan’s me2day
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