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FT Island Ranked 6th On Oricon Daily Chart

Popular idol band, FT Island’s 3rd Japanese single “So today…” which was released earlier on the 17th, ranked 6th on the Oricon Daily Chart.

FT Island’s new single was ranked 6th on the Oricon Daily Chart yesterday amongst other top class singers’ new releases. Their outstanding results were by no means inferior to that of the 1st position.

In fact, the chart rankings on the same day had KAT-TUN’s “Change Ur World” on the 1st position, followed by SKE48, Kobukuro, AAA and Morning Musume, taking the 2nd to 5th positions respectively.

KAT-TUN, Kobukuro and other singers are known to be the top chart killers. It is indeed incredible for a band, and not a dance group to top the 6th position in the chart.

On the other hand, with FT Island’s 3rd single taking the 6th position, they now have a record of all their singles ranking top 10 in the Oricon charts.

Sources: The Star + ying1005@withtreasures (translation)

Congrats boys!
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