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Kang Dong-won entered army training center today. Sandara, Taeyeon, etc etc should forget about him

Actor Kang Dong-won goes to Chungchungnam-do Nonsan training facility.

Kang Dong-won who got 4th grade during the body check for the conscription, didn't reveal his entering date. He said, “I don't want any attention since I'm not going to army as a regular soldier.”

To his unclear statement, there was a famous rumor that he will be entering into the training facility on the 18th, when VOS Choi Hyeon-joon and talent Ko Joo-won enters. To this rumor, Kang Dong-won's company said, “Please let me enter quietly.”

To this situation, an army recruit training center said, “Kang Dong-won enters today. To avoid any traffic jam, we will carry stars in a separate bus. Kang Dong-won didn't even want any interview. It is only to avoid any accident and convenient event flow, not because of they are stars or anything.”

Kang Dong-won got 4th grade due to his habitual shoulder dislocation and will work as a public service worker after a 4 week-long basic training.

Source: Nate

He went secretly. ICWUDT. There goes my chance to see him irl FML
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