kimi dake wo (kimivalkyrie) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
kimi dake wo

Adam Couple are irreversible and tango the night away

With “We Got Married” being pre-empted last Saturday for the Asian Games broadcast, fans were left without an episode to watch once again in 2010.

But fans can cheer up a little now, especially for those who follow the Adam couple of Jo Kwon and Ga-In, as MBC has released a new unreleased clip of Ga-In teaching Jo Kwon the dance steps of her debut single, “Irreversible.” It’s pretty hilarious even though it’s without subtitles.

Also check out unseen footage of the Khuntoria or Yongseo couples if you haven’t yet.

I understood none of that but I lol'd anyway. And idk but when Kwon was on the ground looking up at GaIn I WAS KINDA EXPECTING A RECREATION OF THIS FROM THE MV.

source allkpop, inest520 at youtube
Tags: brown eyed girls, jo kwon, tv shows

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